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  1. Mankind

    I Hadn't Seen This Until Recently _The Making of What More Can I Give

    Am pretty sure a lot of you have seen this already, but for those who haven't....the making of What More Can I Give. Anybody know where I can download this in HD? Oh and something else. hehe
  2. Mankind

    NBA Carmelo Anthony Dancing To MJ's Music

    Just wanted to share a video I came across of one of my favorite basketball players getting down to Michael's music LoL. I also like to point out that in some games they play snippets of MJ's music.
  3. Mankind

    Where Am I?

    I haven't been on this forum for a few years now, and I feel lost. I feel like an outcast. LoL when I tried to login a few days ago, I was denied so I had to change password. Now am looking around and I don't even recognize where am at anymore.:unsure: It make take me some time to try and get...
  4. Mankind

    Michael's New Competition?

    Am sure a lot of you have heard of Jason Malachi by now, and am not trying to start anything, but damn, isn't weird? I don't know if you guys have heard this, but check it out: You got to admit, he is good.
  5. Mankind

    I Need Advice.

    Sadly I don't have all of Michael's albums yet, I only have 3.... Of The Wall - Special Edition and Invincible, well 2 really (I don't really count Number Ones). Anyway, I don't know if I should continue to get the Special Editions of the other albums since I got OTW - SE, or just the regular...
  6. Mankind

    Old voice or New Voice?

    Hi all, I just transfered from MJNO and I wanted to create my first discussion HI :). This is about Michael's voice. Clearly his voice has changed over the years, it sounds more mature now, but we all know that is bound to's normal. So, am sure many of you have heard...