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  1. Love.him

    Joey Fatone & Kym Johnson Dance to PYT

    Did everyone see this performance from Dancing with the Stars? I just saw it for the first time tonight. It's a performance from the first week of the show. I think it's quite a nice routine, done quite well, and PYT is one of my...
  2. Love.him

    TV Alert for UK Fans of Diff'rent Strokes (E! True Story)

    Hi Everyone: Just a quick post to let you know that finally they are reshowing Diff'rent Strokes: E! True Story on E! Entertainment channel (channel 156 on Virgin Media) at 14:00 today. That's in approx. 40 mins. I would have liked for them to have repeated this the weekend Gary Coleman...
  3. Love.him

    I Just Can't Stop Loving You (Spanish, French, English)

    Hi Everyone: I thought it would be nice to discuss I Just Can't Stop Loving You, especially with those of you who know Spanish and French well. I usually prefer Spanish over French, but in this case I think the French version sounds better. I think the lyrics flow better in French than in...
  4. Love.him

    UK TV Alert: Dancing w/the Stars (MJ Tribute

    Hi everyone: The MJ tribute is being shown on the episode airing now: 9pm on Watch TV Channel 124 & Sky 109. Lh