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  1. ASIS

    Controversial MJ Documentary Leaving Neverland [GENERAL DISCUSSION THREAD]

    Well I mean this is what happens when you spew BS for four hours straight. Not even the most rigerous research can provide a 4 hour bullet proof lie without messing up a few times.
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    Controversial MJ Documentary Leaving Neverland [GENERAL DISCUSSION THREAD]

    You are correct, but again when you take Safechuck’s contradictions. Not one of them at their own is a killer blow. If he wants money, that makes sense as I previously said, if he doesn’t act like other victims then that also doesn’t prove much since people tend to behave in different ways. The...
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    Controversial MJ Documentary Leaving Neverland [GENERAL DISCUSSION THREAD]

    Alright I said before that I wanted to rant a bit about the whole situation and now I finally have time to sit down and collect my thoughts. Before I heard about the documentary I was in an MJ mood listening mostly to the bad album. To my surprise I found out about this whole debacle on a...
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    MJ and LGBT...

    skip to 6:55 to see MJ basically saying a guy working on gay pornography is not appropriate for what he has in mind in terms of projects. Which I think is perfectly reasonable. But this is probably what they mean by that. Anyway, I think it's pretty clear what MJ's stance is. He doesn't want...
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    Controversial MJ Documentary Leaving Neverland [GENERAL DISCUSSION THREAD] here you go. I haven't posted in here since 2011 so it feels very strange to start the discussion with a link. Unfortunately I don't have time to write what I really think about this whole mess but I...
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    A Place With No Name (Second Single from Xscape) Discussion

    Re: L.A. Reid confirms A Place With No Name is the next single (released on August 11) Oh yes yes yes! APWNN sounded like a butchered version in the beginning, but now I think it's the best song on Xscape, I even like it better than the original. So happy with this news! :D
  7. ASIS

    Xscape chart positions. (incl. singles)

    Wow, I haven't checked this thread in a while. But LNFSG still in top 20? Xscape being the EIGTH best selling album of the year? It's doing amazing! I hope with more efforts in the next single the results will be even better :D
  8. ASIS

    XScape media reviews

    Yes. Because to a lot of people, MJ was nothing but a puppet, a front. With the real creative geniuses behind the scenes doing the real magic. So whatever was going on in his real life shouldn't impact his artistry, and if it did then it's bad because MJ was not an artist, but again, a puppet...
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    The Black Keys pissed at Michael Jackson due to XSCAPE chart position.

    wait does that mean that Xscape finally debuted are number one?
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    Love Never Felt So Good: The Official Music Video Is Here!

    that only thing that "upsets" me is the fact that the video kinda forgot that MJ had a career post dangerous. Some of his best moves (Ghosts, scream, etc) should have been included as well.
  11. ASIS

    Xscape chart positions. (incl. singles)

    I think, in order to predict the longevity of this album we really need to ask ourselves. Is this album selling right now because it's Michael Jackson or is it selling because of the music, detached from the artist and collaborators? If it's the former, then even debuting at number one means...
  12. ASIS

    The Hologram Tour Thread

    Obviously, but how would you propose we hear Michael sing live? I don't think this is meant as a traditional tour, it's a..... posthumous tour, for a posthumous album?.... this conversation is going to get weird really fast o_0
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    Original Versions OF XSCAPE Album

    Guys this is really not cool. Where can we find it?!!
  14. ASIS

    Original Versions OF XSCAPE Album

    first Blue gangsta is out now this? 0_0 Where canI hear it?
  15. ASIS

    Blue Gangsta (New Production) streaming @MTV [Merged]

    Re: Blue Gangsta Now Streaming @ I can't hear it!!
  16. ASIS

    Xscape chart positions. (incl. singles)

    LOL that's the first thing that came to my mind as well. So it debuted at 20, is that good or bad?
  17. ASIS

    A Place Without No Name (Stargate 2014) Stream

    It's also the first song that you heard the (complete) demo beforehand. LNFSG was unfinished, and the rest are brand new a lot of us. You need to put it into context. Detach yourself from heard before hand and just listen to it. It's funky!
  18. ASIS

    A Place Without No Name (Stargate 2014) Stream

    ... I love it 0_0. I hated it before, but I had to detatch myself from the original demo... I really really like this version.
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    Xscape General Discussion

    Re: News and discussion about new MJ album : Xscape, May 13, 2014. Exactly. These new albums and singles will NEVER be perfect because mJ is not here to make it perfect anymore. We have to put these projects into context. Honestly though, Chicago is awesome!
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    Xscape chart positions. (incl. singles)

    So based on the results so far. How successful is this single would you say?