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    7 Gems in Michael Jackson’s Vault

    As we pass the seventh year of a world without Michael Jackson, the yearning for new old music from his archive has not waned among the fan community. With two posthumous albums (one of which was severely botched) and some half-assed anniversary sets, one wonders if the King of Pop will ever be...
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    These people call themselves "fans"?

    Admin note: Please be aware this thread is a clear attempt by the bored History Continues (We're not calling it Max Jax anymore as that site was Greg's was respected and is now closed - members being trolls here (now banned) so that they can mock and insult members of...
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    Adam Ant Talks About Meeting Michael Jackson

    Adam Ant Talks About Meeting Michael Jackson on Adam Hills In Gordon Street Tonight.
  4. J Talks About The MJ Tracks on RoveLA

    Definitely not getting those tracks, I guess...
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    MJ Mouths at the This Is It Crew

    This has been rebloged on Tumblr for a while, not sure of the original source. Warning: Contains strong language and pure awesomness. (Scroll Down)
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    Bad Angle?

    Not sure where this is from, but GIVE THIS KID AN A+!
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    John Lennon - Imagine (The Collection)

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    Songs at your funeral?

    What song would you like to be played at you funeral? ______________ For the intro, I'd like Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' If they did a slideshow or something, For All Time And as they carry my casket out, Another One Bites The Dust
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    James Brown - It's a Mans Mans Mans World (Acapella)

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    Did WBC Picket MJ's Funeral?

    Did the Westboro Baptist Church ricket Michael's funeral? I was reading on Wikipedia: (You can see lyrics to their parodys here) Here's 2 articles I found:
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    Simpsons Intro (Bansky)

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    John Lennon Google Doodle

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    James Brown Controls The Audience

    M2VIsHk_ofg Recorded at Boston in 1968, April 5th.
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    How Many Forum Members Does it Take to Change a Lightbulb?

    - Stifi, MajinArena
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    Paris Hilton arrested on cocaine charge

    At least this time she's doing the sucking through her nose...
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    What does a snake do...

    ...when it feels like laying down?
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    Justin Bieber Pelted by Flying Water Bottle

    It has laid dormant for nearly 9 months ... insane footage of Justin Bieber being domed by a water bottle during a live concert in Sacramento ... and he handles it LIKE A MAN!!!! It all went down at the Jingle Ball concert back in December ... when some dumbass concertgoer with an incredibly...
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    99 Things about YOU

    Might be a bit too demanding, but I'm genuenly curious about people answers. Just copy & paste the text below and give your answers :)
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    Justin Bieber to publish memoir

    It'll probably go something like this: Chapter 1: Introduction Chapter 2: The End
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    I went to the hospital to donate an organ...

    ...but they were only taking piano's :(