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  1. blue_eyed_belle

    TII Blu-ray - is it worth buying?

    I just want to ask, is it worth getting the blu-ray? Or is the DVD's extra footage good enough? I'm not a big collector, so there's no reason for me to get the blu-ray other than for the footage (I already have a copy of the special ed. DVD) so if there's nothing really worth watching that isn't...
  2. blue_eyed_belle

    What's your ringtone?

    Mine's currently MJ's 'Human Nature' :punk: (my fave michael song!)
  3. blue_eyed_belle

    A seasonal question: favourite J5 christmas song?

    Mine is, perhaps predictably, 'Santa Claus is Coming to Town'. What's yours?
  4. blue_eyed_belle

    02 exhibition fan meet-up - November 8th

    I have been looking on the boards over the last few days, and there don't seem to be very many threads regarding the 02 arena MJ exhibition (perhaps because fans are still busy thinking about This Is It at the moment). I am going to be in London on the week-end of the 7th-8th November (my...
  5. blue_eyed_belle

    Is Michael now in London??

    A friend who's coming to my first MJ show with me said that he's arrived in England today - is this true?!? Assuming it's a rumour again as it doesn't seem to be posted anywhere!
  6. blue_eyed_belle

    Calling all past, present and future university students!

    Just thought i'd start a thread so that students can share their experiences of University! I'll start...i'm on a 4-year course at the university of Hull, reading english lit and french! Am living in Lyon at the moment, but will be leaving in a week and a half to go back to england! Am really...
  7. blue_eyed_belle

    Ever tried 'couch surfing'?

    Hey, was talking to one of my friends a fortnight ago about booking a hotel in London and travel in general, and she asked me whether i'd ever tried couch surfing. For those who don't know what it is, you register your details on a website, and then whenever you travel you check to see who lives...
  8. blue_eyed_belle

    The impact of forums today.

    Basically what i'm asking is what sort of an impact do forums make on our lives today? I only really visit MJJC and, but do you post regularly, or irregularly, in forums and how much does it influence others to do things like listen to certain artists or watch certain clips/films...
  9. blue_eyed_belle

    Single rooms in hotels?? Do they exist?

    I'm a regular camper and hardly ever use hotels...can you ever find single rooms? Or better still, are there any singles near the 02? I assume not as people are advertising spare beds in hotel rooms that they've booked, but just need this cleared up for me :) Thanks!
  10. blue_eyed_belle

    Ebay fraudster caught in sting - not to do with MJ tickets

    Please move this if it's in the wrong place, but i think it's important to point out that there can be trouble when buying over ebay, and some people are ruthless. ALWAYS check feedback, and even then be wary! A fraudster who was selling £26,000 worth of fake designer clothes, cosmetics and...
  11. blue_eyed_belle

    'La Nuit Michael Jackson' in Lyon, FR.

    Any French fans know about this?? What is it exactly? I think it's a meet-up, but am a little confused! :scratch: