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  1. FlyMeToTheMoon

    Michael’s best vocal performance is…?

    To name one! song is definitely impossible:rolleyes: in my opinion. I mean, what we love in Michaels❤️ voice - and the posts in this thread are some kind of demonstration for it - is the virtuosity of his voice. The wide range from expressing People Make The World Go Round to, for instance...
  2. FlyMeToTheMoon

    Post Your Favourite MJ Picture of the Day

    Thank you for your post, Antwort - I totally agree. In earlier times I loved the MJ Pictures thread with all the wonderful pictures of the exciting most beautiful man❤️ in the world. Today it´s quiet over here - just Michaels Lover is very busy. Unfortunately the most of the pictures she/he...
  3. FlyMeToTheMoon

    Remembering Michael on June 25th 2021

    Thank you again, Paris, for all the posts:)
  4. FlyMeToTheMoon

    Which Dangerous version do you like better?

    Yes, very good - and happy times... Yesterday I felt inspired to watch the ´Wetten Dass?´- performance again. I want to repeat it: I watch any and all of Michaels performances very rarely, because each and every is so unique and precious for me... This special and breathtaking performance gave...
  5. FlyMeToTheMoon

    Michael Jackson interviewed by fans in 1995

    The snippets were seen on MTV, of course. I remember it soooo well - a wonderful jump into the past. I loved to watch Michael there, to see his gestures, ... and to listen to him, to hear his soft voice... And I still do:heart:.............. And it´s so interesting to read the complete chat...
  6. FlyMeToTheMoon

    Lip Sync/Miming - the positive side :)

    Yes, ok, I understand what you mean. Of course, there is not a tiny doubt, that BAD and DANGEROUS were great tours + shows. But what I mean is: if you are a part of the audience, in this case within a HIStory-concert, you are a part of for instance 70.000 people - you experience it totally...
  7. FlyMeToTheMoon

    Lip Sync/Miming - the positive side :)

    I´m always wondering if those of you - who always insist they don´t like the lip sync - did attend any HIStory-concert? Or do you just watch them a million times on youtube etc.? Now - almost 25 years later. I was lucky to experience 3 HIStory-concerts. And you know what? For months you...
  8. FlyMeToTheMoon

    Bloopers at Michael Jackson concerts

    This! night you can sleep(y) - he picked it up at about 4:56 and wore it again.
  9. FlyMeToTheMoon

    Remembering Michael on June 25th

    All these sad sad sad days since this date 11 years before............ ------------------ Thank you again, Paris, for all your posts.
  10. FlyMeToTheMoon

    They Dont Care About Us EXPLODING in popularity - becoming MJs most influential song? Re-release?

    Do you mean a publicly broadcasted release? ;)Yes, of course. At this moment:blush: I don´t know the date of that release - but as all releases of MJs short films it was a big spectacle in TV. I remember it was announced for one special hour on one special day probably on MTV - and extra for...
  11. FlyMeToTheMoon

    The "Munich 1999" Accident!

    Yes!:scream: That comparison fits. Michael could have died. Thank you for the ´some facts´ - that´s a bit more than the special and so clean version by the wellknown I-know-it-all-mj_frenzy. For me it is still so astounding to read that a lot of people obviously didn´t realize what happened on...
  12. FlyMeToTheMoon

    Dangerous 30 (speculation on double album) [MERGED]

    Re: What would the perfect 30th anniversary release of the Dangerous album look like? What an exciting performance!!!!!!! - pure energy and greatness!!!!!!!!!! :heart::heart::heart:
  13. FlyMeToTheMoon

    The "Munich 1999" Accident!

    @mj_frenzy. Thanks for your research.
  14. FlyMeToTheMoon

    The "Munich 1999" Accident!

    Ok. I have no doubt that it was ´a serious mechanical failure´. Of course - very many people watched exactly that: this bridge broke down. And, ok, you read a notice about this mechanical failure in a newspaper, in some fanzines. I did not. Or maybe, I better should say?: I didn´t find any...
  15. FlyMeToTheMoon

    The "Munich 1999" Accident!

    Yes, of course, that was definitely ´a serious mechanical failure´. Where did you read that? Where was reported about this accident? I followed the news, but never saw any explanation.
  16. FlyMeToTheMoon

    Royal Brunei 1996 Bad Tour Version

    :)Ok, I´m open to learn. I´m looking forward to their answer.
  17. FlyMeToTheMoon

    Royal Brunei 1996 Bad Tour Version

    No. I think it´s fake. It is just a ´very well-made´ photoshop: Michaels face is from any DANGEROUS-Tour performance (look at his make-up, and he is wearing a microphone from that time), the jacket is clear BAD-era, the hat just any fantasy. What makes it looking ´real´ are maybe the hands and...