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  1. MJsPYT1

    Wireless Internet??? HELP!!!

    ok, I want to get wireless internet in my house, but I have no idea where to start, or what it entails! Can someone help me :(?!
  2. MJsPYT1

    Entertainment Tonight

    Sooo, I just walked in on some ppl in my dorm watching ET, and there was a video on of MJ that I had never seen!! It was like him getting his hair done for the Thriller photo shoot, and him laughing and stuff. Did anyone else see this? oh, I saw it on the website, it's called the lost thriller...
  3. MJsPYT1

    Ohio fans??

    .....anybody???? *crickets chirping*
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    Seth Riggs' statement

    I found this on his webpage: Michael Jackson Loss of A Legend On Thursday of last week, the world wept as we all came to grips with the fact that, Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, had passed away. Anyone who has ever loved his music knows what an effect he had on our lives, our culture and...
  5. MJsPYT1

    Tevin Campbell

    OK, so I was born in 1986, and I can remember Tevin Campbell's music from my youth, but I just recently really got into him!!! He is an amaaazing singer, and I love his albums :wub: especially 'i'm ready'!!!! He has great songs like 'can we talk', 'i'm ready', 'always in my heart', 'tell me what...
  6. MJsPYT1

    New movies in 09!!! :)

    check it out here: I'm so excited for transformers 2 (shia!), Harry Potter (finally!) Johnny Depp's gonna have a new movie, and night at the museum 2 should be funny! And two movies I hadn't...
  7. MJsPYT1

    AMA's tonight??

    Sooooo, don't the AMA's come on tonight at 8??? Is anyone watching them? lol
  8. MJsPYT1

    WHICH interview is this?????

    Hellooooo! I have a question that has been bothering me for about an hour!!!! There is an interview that I read before, and I probably have it, but I just can't think of which interview it is!!!!! ok, it's from either the OTW or Thriller era. The interviewer says that when Michael comes to the...
  9. MJsPYT1

    Billie Jean- American Idol

    Sooooooo........ Did anyone just see that guy on American Idol sing Billie Jean (as a rock song)??
  10. MJsPYT1

    waht interview is this from???

    Does anyone know which interview from before the Bad era where Michael said that he always tells the truth even when he's not supposed to???? I have the Billboard mag from around '84 where it mentions that MJ didnt do interviews because he's so open and truthful with his answers that he doesn't...
  11. MJsPYT1

    Funny Story!!

    SO, since I'm a college student and I'm at my dorm during the week (I come home on wekends), I got my father to go and get me a copy of Thriller 25 on Wednesday. When my dad came to pick me up for the weekend he gave me the cd *sigh* and told me what happened. He went to Borders to get the cd...
  12. MJsPYT1

    SURPRISE SONG and others?

    I read this on a site of dvd's for sale: "Surprise song : Interview to the Jacksons in '84 with 2 versions of " Billie Jean " improvised by Michael on the moment!!!!!!!!!- Fantastic !!!!!!! - 15 mins." Now, I've got the "surprise song", but what are these other billie jean versions that mj...
  13. MJsPYT1

    Baby be mine early demo???

    soooo, 'baby be mine is one of my top three favorite songs, and I was looking on doodoofan, and I saw that there was a link for a 'baby be mine early demo'. Does anyone kow what this is, because there's something wrong with the site and I couldn't download it to see what it was. SOOOO, if anyone...
  14. MJsPYT1

    WBSS demo question

    ok, so I have the WBSS demo on my ipod, and i loooooove to listen to it. But I cant remember where I got it from!!! Does anyone know where the 'wanna be startin something' demo came from? Was it released in a box-set or a certain cd??? If anyone knows the answer I would greatly appreciate it :yes:
  15. MJsPYT1

    P.Y.T. demo

    Ok, so this song is officially my FAVORITE Michael Jackson song (the PYT demo). It has such a smooth sound, and it just makes u feel good, and I can imagine the whole song as I listen to it *sigh* Anyway, my point for this post is something I never noticed before (although I'm sure u guys all...