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  1. GinnyJackson

    color's! Show off your team!

    I am sorry if i posted this in the wrong section but as it is rather random i thought it was the right place course it could go under the Fan section... Anywho... I wanna know what your favorite baseball team is so i want to see you show them off. I will start off the whole shebang and post...
  2. GinnyJackson


    Why is hamburger called HAMburger if its from a cow??? :mello:
  3. GinnyJackson

    hey Chicago Fans I have a question

    Hey i know there are fans from all over the world here and i know some of y'all are from Chicago..... My question is what are the food prices at Wrigley Field? In July me and my family are going to take in a cubs game and id like to know what im in for if we get hungry there. so if you could...
  4. GinnyJackson

    OMG!!! I AM Going to Medieval Times

    i just bought my ticket to go to this place! i am so super excited to go! its the one in Chicago. Has anyone here been? Whats it like? Can you take Pictures???:wild:
  5. GinnyJackson

    Justice - D.A.N.C.E.

    ok I just got Just Dance 2 today and as i was listening to this song i thought INSTANTLY Of Michael... Listen Closely to the Lyrics.
  6. GinnyJackson

    Michael Stories

    What the hell is wrong with these girls who say they got done and dirty with MJ??? I mean come on their stories read like fanfiction and why would they feel the need to share such stories with the world? I just read the "Yvette" Story and it pissed me off so much! Seriously Why tell that? We the...
  7. GinnyJackson

    Fitness... why?!

    why is it when we get a group together to work out they are all gung ho for it until the day it arrives then they suddenly have someplace to be and something to do.? They want to lose the weight but they dont want to do anything to help it along.
  8. GinnyJackson

    The More i watch TII

    I think Michael was fine and nothing was wrong. Maybe he had the flu before but i just cant see that he was sick in TII. I am watching right this second and i just dont understand where they get hes sick? Tired yes but not sick.
  9. GinnyJackson

    omg! Lucky Jane Fonda

    Ok i may be slow at this but i just learned that Jane Fonda went Skinny Dipping with Michael Jackson!!!:bugeyed Why did i not know this
  10. GinnyJackson

    Michael Jackson with books

    hey i need some help could u all post some photos of Michael with books or of him reading.? Please.
  11. GinnyJackson

    odd feelings

    Does anyone else feel strange while listening to the new album? i mean its great to have it but it feels odd listening to it while Michael aint here.... does that make any sence to anyone?
  12. GinnyJackson

    Blue Gangsta: Discussion

    after listening to the song like 6 thousand times i have come to the conclusion that i love this song. But the bit i Love the most is the bit where he does his angry voice. i love that when he gets mad in a song. BTW i didnt see a thread for bg. Alsoi aint used to my laptop yet so be...
  13. GinnyJackson

    Laptop help!

    ok i am getting a laptop for christmas and i need some input on some of them. I have it down to 2. Inspiron 15r, Vostro 1015 Do any of you know how well these work for making videos or editing photos?
  14. GinnyJackson

    time for a little fun...

  15. GinnyJackson

    Jackson's J5

    ok im curious i know mj was on the Jackson's and J5 later but how many songs did he give his voice to in the later years of the group? I know he aint on the song Body but i could be wrong... i dont hear him.
  16. GinnyJackson

    Ebay Question

    I am going to make a purchase on ebay and i was wondering what mj item did u buy from ebay? or the last item u bought? this will be my first purchase and im kinda nervous about it. I hope it goes well.
  17. GinnyJackson

    Bad Album cover

    k i have to ask this... On the bad cover does it look odd to you? I mean his hand on his hip.... His Hand looks strange... idk what it is about it but the hand looks off.
  18. GinnyJackson

    Because Of Michael I....

    Id love to know what you have done because of Michael.... Because of Michael I... Got my first tattoo
  19. GinnyJackson

    Going Down?

    I Thought of this last night while watching the Nanny on nick@nite. Fran and Maxwell got stuck in an elevator and the question rushed in to my brain like a flood..... If you and Michael were stuck in an Elevator what would you do or talk about?
  20. GinnyJackson

    twymmf.....PICS please

    nnneeeeedddd pix please post some form the way you make me feel video