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  1. Billie_Jean09

    I have a special connection with this forum.

    I haven't been on this forum for quite some time, as been mainly using YT and twitter for my MJ fan connection time. BUT, I must say I have missed it here. :cheeky: This forum the MJJC forum is a place that has a very strong connection to my journey as an MJ fan. I joined here just after Michael...
  2. Billie_Jean09

    If I could spend 5 minutes with Michael
  3. Billie_Jean09

    I wish I could tell you how much you mean to me

    How I wish I could tell you how much I love you, and how much you mean to me. Some days are better than others, but this week has been a struggle. I watch you on you tube, and sometimes try to make my own you tube videos, as tributes for you, :wub: I ache for you. I know it sounds crazy, but...
  4. Billie_Jean09

    Conrad Murray.

    The 25th January is fast approaching. Day 1 of the trial of the so called 'doctor' Conrad Murray. So much negligence, and not enough care, that Michael's life ended, and it so isnt fair! :( 4 yrs behind bars just isnt enough, for the man who took MJ's life.:( A mother is grieving, a father too...
  5. Billie_Jean09

    I miss you and love you, what more can I say?

    Michael dear sweet Michael. I love you and miss you More than words can ever say I wish so much you didnt leave us that day Gone to a better place Resting at last for sure You mean everything to me and you I adore. Please be close to me, in your songs and dance. Be close to me, cos I miss you. I...
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    Billie_Jean09's Blog

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    Just wanted to say -

    This is my link to site. I joined in March 2009 when MJ announced his tour! :( Billie_Jean09’s Profile Female Sussex United Kingdom Read my messages 0 have added me to friends REVIEWS WRITTEN: 0 COMMENTS MADE: 0 MEMBER SINCE: March 10, 2009 I am 43yrs old and have loved MJ's...