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  1. raisa

    [REQ] pictures

    Hi! I just found out that it looks like they have some '70s great pictures on! I was wondering if anybody has an account on that site who can get those pictures a little bigger. Even if it's...
  2. raisa

    The Eternal Moonwalk

    Something positive, I hope it isn't posted before. A Flemish radiostation did this as a tribute: Everyone around the world can upload a video of their moonwalk. I love it! upload your video!:cheeky:
  3. raisa

    NEW track? one of his last recorded?(instrumental piece of music)

    I hope this hasn't been posted before I was on good morning america: Just a little snippet but very beautiful, according to Deepak Chopra, it was supposed to be a song about the environment it starts when there is 2:13 left. There are some...
  4. raisa

    Misheard Lyrics

    Since I love reading the 'misheard MJ lyrics'-thread, I thought this thread would be a great idea! I hope a thread like this doesn't excist yet. So all you do is post lyrics you misheard, you can add a youtube video which makes it easier for other people. I'll start, I got a lot of them...
  5. raisa

    Lounisproduction present MY MJ DRAWING STEP BY STEP

    lookin' good!!! I never tried coloured pencils
  6. raisa

    MJ drawing, WIP

    I finally got around doing another MJ drawing! I've drawn Martin Luther King, Einstein,... but now it's time to draw Michael again. I'm drawing this picture (I know it's always a bit 'dangerous' to add the real picture because it always looks a bit different but anyway .....:D) I've already...
  7. raisa

    Michael and Prince, the weathermen!! LOL

    The embting was diabled but this vid is pretty funny (by Jay Lamont): :tease:
  8. raisa

    Michael doing sports!

    Well, show me all your pictures where Michael's doing sports(no dancing-pictures)! I'll start: ...more to come, I hope :D
  9. raisa

    new drawing of little Mike :)

    Woohoo! I finished this drawing earlier this week but I didn't have time to upload it till now :) I STILL didn't find my good drawing pencils OR some decent drawing paper but it's okay :D. I'm not too proud of the hand LOL, I knew I shouldn't have drawn it because I suck at drawing hands ... but...
  10. raisa

    MJ drawing

    It's been a while since I've drawn because I've always been so busy with school. But, a few days ago, I saw some MJ drawings and they made me want to draw again :D I finished this drawing yesterday: The picture is a bit blurry because the lighing was bad but you can see the drawing anyway...
  11. raisa

    usher ft. T-pain (and Michael?) - Stop playin

    They say Michael should be somehow involved in this song... But where is he?! So, does someone have some real info about this song? It's a leak, right? How long has it been around?And why do they say 'usher, Michael Jackson, T-pain in the beginning? I think they either said Michael Jackson in...
  12. raisa

    more/better pictures of this shoot?

    Does anybody have a better version of this pic: Or some other pics of this shoot? I've never seen this picture before and they all look so good in this picture (especially Michael!)
  13. raisa

    Michael in the studio

    Post all your pics of Michael in a recording studio, recording a song or whatever !!! :D I'll start:
  14. raisa

    youtube :'this video is not available in yout country'

    I'm sick of it! I wanted to listen to some J5 songs of their christmas album because I didn't hear them all yet. I especially wanted to hear 'up on the housetop' because I read this was the first song we could hear Marlon in and I wanted to hear him. I asked someone to put it on youtube and she...
  15. raisa

    can someone help me with the lyrics of 'let's have a party'?

    Does someone have some real lyrics of the song? I'd especially like to know what they're saying in the beginning. I tried making some lyrics myself too, can someone fill the gaps? English isn't my first language either so, I probably heard some things wrong too:D here are my own lyrics to...
  16. raisa

    Your favourite J5/ Jacksons songs with no Michael-lead

    So, what are your favourite Jackson 5 or Jacksons songs which don't have Michael doing lead vocals? My top 3 right now: Jackson 5 - Oh how happy I really love this song, great, cute melody Jacksons - Body LOL, this song is so... wrong but once I hear it, I just can't stop singing it:D. And...
  17. raisa

    some of my NON-MJ drawings

    recently, I've done some non-MJ drawings. Mainly because I never think my MJ-drawings are good enough. They never turn out as good as my non-MJ drawings... it's really weird, believe me:D I've done 3 drawings of other famous people, and I'll post these drawings in this thread, I'm still working...
  18. raisa

    "Michael Jackson, Hello World : The Complete Motown Solo Albums"

    Well, if nobody's making a thread about this,I will:) : So, in the booklet of "Michael Jackson Gold", they say they're planning to make yet another 3 cd album called "Michael Jackson, Hello World : The Complete Motown Solo Albums". It'll include Michael's solo motown album (Got to be there...
  19. raisa

    looking back to yesterday

    Looking back to yesterday is a great album, released in 1986 with a lot of previously unreleased songs. It's a MJ solo album but most of the songs were actually recorded with the Jackson 5 Tracklisting: -When I come of age >>> -Teenage symphony >>>...
  20. raisa

    J5 cartoons

    Has anybody got some good pictures of the J5 cartoons? I'm especially looking for pictures where they're dancing