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    Writing a 350-700 word paper on Pop Culture & Would Love to use Michael Jackson !

    I am writing a piece on pop culture for my final class, American Pop Culture & the week 1 paper due in Jan 2013, is based primarily on what American pop culture is. What are 3 major trends in popular American culture? How does popular American culture affect personal decision making? The...
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    My baby is gone

    On August 1, 2011 sometime in the early morning, my beloved cat & my best friend, Fancy passed away. We took her to the vet & her ashes are back home. I haven't been on this forum in a long time since they were having technical difficulties & my password got changed. I am still heartbroken...
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    Michael & Sylvester Stallone

    This is adorable! I love both and I think this is so awesome!! They were close...
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    ~*~~Famous Last Words**~

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ok does anyone know of their favorite person's famous last words were? Post it here.! I am going to start & according to here is afew: I find it very odd that JFK's last words were: "If someone is going...
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    Happy 40th Birthday Tupac Shakur

    Happy 40th Birthday Tupac Shakur... RIP
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    My Birthday Weekend to VA Beach turned into Weekend in Hell ; What Would You Have Done?

    Okay so long story short I was supposed to be in VA Beach for my birthday but at the last minute but my friends text me at the last minute saying "we all are going to save money and sleep on the beach." Now, if you know me at all, I really get annoyed when people make plans without my knowledge...
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    'Grease' & 'Taxi' star Jeff Conaway died Pnuemonia

    I will post the sources but apparently, some people I know's, twitter pages became overwhelmed with his death. Apparently maybe his GF Vickie stopped the ventalator. ? I will post more but this is 'breaking' to me...
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    The most infamous trial since O.J. Simpson's murder trial ; Casey Anthony

    I'm surprised this has not yet been posted. Today there was about 18 jurors for selection, the judge wants to swear them in today. Today though, day 11 has been halted.... Take a look and I will try to post more ...
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    Joe's perfume / cologne

    Was this for real?????
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    If Michael Jackson Spoke at College Students Graduation Ceremonies

    Okay I was just thinking how great it would be, to hear Michael Jackson speak at a college graduation ceremony. I was curious, if he was the speaker 1. what do you think he would say to fellow graduating students? and 2. I suppose, what you would want him to tell you, personally??
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    Gmail: My mail from yesterday is gone!

    I went to check an email of mine and yesterday I had my mail there, an application reminder type thing to a job, etc.. Then today I went to see my email and everything in my inbox is swiped, gone. It said ' you have no new mail' How do I get my mail back if possible!? And why? How do I...
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    New Information on Marilyn Monroe's Death ; very interesting ; Her Body Had Been Moved (??)

    The August 5, 1962 death of 36-year-old Marilyn Monroe was ruled to be "acute barbiturate poisoning" by Dr. Thomas Noguchi of the Los Angeles County Coroner’s office and listed as "probable suicide." This didn’t sit well with many people who believed there was a conspiracy behind her death and...
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    FBI Obtains Murder Files for Notorious BIGGIE

    The Notorious B.I.G - Slain rapper The Notorious B.I.G also known as Christopher Wallace murder files were released by the FBI. On Friday, the FBI unveiled records related to the FBI probe of the murder of The Notorious B.I.G. The case that was closed in 2005 after federal prosecutors declined...
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    RIP Kurt Cobain -17 years today

    Okay so how the hell do we forget one of the best musicians alive. Kurt Cobain died today. (was found April 8) in 1994. Lets remember ^^This picture of Frances Bean was probably 2007/8 < This one was in Teen Vogue maybe 05/06
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    Heartbreaking Night. Deer Gets Hit, lives ; Is it 'murder' ?

    Ok so I want to start off by saying that tonight was a very emotional night for me. Long story short, my friend and I were driving & she sees two eyes & a head poke up from the side of the road. She turns around & wants to know if the deer is okay and can run off or if its injured. The deer...
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    Favorite Baby Names?

    Okay so I was thinking if I ever have children, I want different names that are not typical or popular. Names like: Ashton, Kingston, Eve are the only 3 I can think of. I like different names that is kind of 'off the charts' Anyway whats everyone's fave baby names? Also can someone please...
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    JonBenet Ramsey : New evidence & 15 Years in Dec

    Okay so I love true crime. One story that interests me and fascinates me is the story of the 1996 murder of 6 year old JonBenet Ramsey I was watching Aphrodite Jones on ID and they showed some "new evidence" and one thing was a shoeprint found of a boot. There were two- one was...
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    MTV's Teen Mom thread

    Okay so lets get caught up in this drama... First off Jenelle Evans is a loser shes is the one that keeps getting arrested & just recently she got arrested & charged with assault on some young girl. Heres the TMZ link...
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    Old News But I just Found Out : Michael's Hair Turned into Diamonds

    Michael Is Forever As Hair Turns Into Diamonds 10:16am UK, Saturday July 25, 2009 A lock of Michael Jackson's hair is to be turned into diamonds to give a select few fans a unique way of remembering their idol. The Jackson diamond will be created by the firm which made this blue stone...
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    How can I tell if my new laptop has a DVD burner?

    Ok it may sound stupid but I want to burn dvds / videos on my Windows 7 Home edition laptop. I can burn cds from Windows Media Player but I have Frostwire and I wanted to find a video of something & it said that it didn't support the video part. Can someone help me find out if I can burn...