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  1. MichaelsNeverlandPrincess

    Have you ever noticed the mistake in Speed Demon?

    I was woundering if anybody else has noticed the big mistake in Speed demon? Im sure some of you have but for thoese who havent its the part where he gets of the bike and takes of the Spike outfit. When he takes the jacket of he has got the gloves on,then when he takes the trousers off the...
  2. MichaelsNeverlandPrincess

    Kenny Ortega to recieve Star

    In 2011 Kenny Ortega will recieve a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame,it has been annouced on there official website. He will be getting his star for his work in motion pictures. To see for your self please go to the following
  3. MichaelsNeverlandPrincess

    Does anyone please have any info on this MJ pic

    I was given this MJ pic by a friend of mine who would like to know who the guy poesing with MJ is and where and when it was taken. Hope someone can help. Thank you in advance. Its much appriciated. :)
  4. MichaelsNeverlandPrincess

    Ive Just found this CD single on the HMV website (MJ related)

    I was browsing the HMV website for MJ stuff and I came across this:;1;-1;-1;-1&sku=174325 It is the CD single to Mind is the magic. If you check the date you will notice that it came out only a couple of weeks after the memorial. I dont...
  5. MichaelsNeverlandPrincess

    Lady GaGa-Bad Romance video dance opening dance routine same as Thriller.

    Im sorry if this has been posted before but I was watching Lady Gaga's Bad Romance video and I noticed that the opening dance routine is very,very similar to Thriller. As soon as they came out of thoes tomb like boxes something in my head clicked and then as they started dancing they were using...
  6. MichaelsNeverlandPrincess

    Can anyone explain this pictre?

    I was looking for a pic of the BAD cover online and I came across this. I have never heard of this artists before and never even new that MJs cover was used in this. Does anyone have any info?
  7. MichaelsNeverlandPrincess

    Fans of Charmed should reconise Finn's House (ep.Size Matters)

    If there are Charmed fans on this board they should reconise a certain house used in episode Size Matters. It is known quite possible as the world's most famous scary house. Im not going to say anymore just whatch the following video and see for yourself. (Clue:It can be seen at 1:27 and even...
  8. MichaelsNeverlandPrincess

    NYC Council woman wants station named after MJ

    A city council woman In New York is fighting for the Right to have Hoyt-Schermerhorn St subway station named after Michael. As some of you know Hoyt-Schermerhorn St subway station is where the Bad short film was shot. The reasons for them not agreeing with it is because the MTA say it has none...
  9. MichaelsNeverlandPrincess

    Official THIS IS IT video

    I was channel flicking through the music channels and I cam across the new Video of THIS IS IT. It has been made up of the rehearshal footage and I think there is a couple of new clips in there too because I dont remember them from the film.
  10. MichaelsNeverlandPrincess

    There has to be an end to these videos ****WARNING GRAPHIC****

    Something needs to be done about all thoes sick disgusting people who make videos for you tube such as this links taken out by admin for a 'joke'. Its time we make a stand for Michael and show these idiots who think its funny that they cant get away with. Its sick its twisted and its not...
  11. MichaelsNeverlandPrincess

    The worlds greatest Popstar-Special tribute show but MJ not in running

    They have just showed on Channel 4's T4 a special version of The worlds greatest pop stars in tribute to Michael. This is all very well and good but at the end of the show the presenter came out and said you can catch the worlds greatest pop stars tonight yahda yahda yahda. Anyway she gave a...
  12. MichaelsNeverlandPrincess

    The Way you Make Me Feel wedding dance

    They've just got married and their having their first dance as Husband and Wife. They choose a song by Jack Johnson. Its all very romantic,staring into each others eyes,cuddling,the usual. Then,half way through,The way you make me feel starts up and the Bride and Groom do their version of...
  13. MichaelsNeverlandPrincess

    Fan gathering at the 02 - Sunday 19th july

    Some fans are meeting up at the 02 this Sunday around 3. I don't know how many are going but feel free too come along.
  14. MichaelsNeverlandPrincess

    Intercontinental have agreed to show memorial

    The intercontinental Park Lane London have agreed to show the memorial. It cost between £20-£30 a head. This price includes drink and snacks. We are meeting at HMV Piccadilly Circus between 12 and 2 before hand for the money to be handed to the organiser.. The hotel are requesting the money up...
  15. MichaelsNeverlandPrincess

    Message to the fans (Reguarding the 02 arena)

    Im making this thread to try and get as many fans as possible to call the 02 arena to try and get them to show Michaels memorial. I think them showing it is a good idea and so do other fans Ive mentioned it too. The more fans that phone the better because then that way it might have a knock on...
  16. MichaelsNeverlandPrincess

    BREAKING NEWS - AEG Conference will be held today (6PM BST) - (Details inside)

    A conference will be held today to discuss arangments of Michael's funeral and plans for for the fan tribute.
  17. MichaelsNeverlandPrincess

    Can someone please help me - (London meet up)

    I was woundering if anyone could tell whats going on this weekend. I hear fans are meeting up tomorrow but Ive been told that theres going to be fans meeting on sunday at the 02. If any one has any info reguarding this weekend plese let me know. :(
  18. MichaelsNeverlandPrincess

    OK Magazine (UK edition) -- COMPLAINTS MUST BE MADE

    THIS IS DOING THE ROUND, I THINK WE SHOULD ALL COMPLAIN ABOUT OK'S DISGUSTING INSENSITIVITY. In this weeks UK version of OK magazine, I was horrified to find this photo of dying Michael Jackson on their front cover: I have sent an email of complaint to the editors...
  19. MichaelsNeverlandPrincess

    02 Meet up this sunday (5 July)

    As I was at the HMV in Piccadilly circus yesterday a lot of fans are planning too meet up at the o2 this coming sunday. Im not sure what time most people will be getting there for but if you are planning on coming posts details in here.
  20. MichaelsNeverlandPrincess

    Bad 20th thread I discovered(Includ.Info on Duets that never happend and 'Dirty Diana' is revealed)

    I was doing some research on the internet to try and find out where the Bad short film was shot and I came across this thread,believe it or not,on a Prince messageboard and its a huge thread dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the Bad album. I came across some very,very interesting things...