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  1. morinen

    New edition of Vogel's book on "Earth Song" is coming out

    From New edition of Earth Song book coming soon! What’s in the new edition? New material on Michael Jackson’s humanitarian work, one of the most overlooked aspects of his career New insights on Michael Jackson’s powerful short film for Earth Song based on...
  2. morinen

    Awesome MJ sculptures

    My friend Karina, whom I've known for years, recently got into sculpting and started creating MJ statutes and busts. She literally started from scratch, and I've seen her skills progress to this amazing results. I'm a proud owner of one of her statuettes which I got for my birthday. It's really...
  3. morinen

    Greg Gorman's semi-nude photo of Michael?

    When I first saw this picture, I thought it was a fan-made photoshop, or an impersonator - I didn't recognize Michael. But apparently, Greg Gorman (photograph who made several well-known pictures of MJ in the 80s) claims it's real. It's displayed at an exhibition of his works in Berlin...
  4. morinen

    Is this Michael?

    If I look at this picture for 5 more minutes, I might go crazy, so I'll just ask: is this Michael? The smile looks like his, but a lot of things seem off about this photo - the ring, the finger tape, the t-shirt... If it's him, where and when was it taken?
  5. morinen

    Maker of Dreams: Creating Michael Jackson's "Neverland Valley Park"

    For those who are interested, Rob Swinson's book is out (as kindle): It's pretty short and there isn't much to the story, but he does share a couple of sweet moments he had with MJ. The...
  6. morinen

    Michael Jackson: The Dancer of the Dream

    Allow me to link this special article discussing Michael Jackson's dancing talent. It's the best one I've ever read on the subject. Mods, if this please is not the appropriate one, please move it where appropriate. --------------------------------------- Michael Jackson was a gifted, unique...
  7. morinen

    MJ "hat" photo from 1986

    Who is the real author of this photo? It hangs in Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville and is attributed to singer Kenny Rogers who was also a photographer (he and MJ were in We Are The World project together): Online, I always saw it attributed to photographer Matthew Rolston.
  8. morinen

    MJ performances oustide of tours

    I'm trying to compose the full list of MJ's performances outside tours during his adult solo career. Here is what I've come up with. Did I forget anything? 1981: Diana Ross Special: "Rock with You", "Ease On Down The Road" Mar 25, 1983: Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever: "I'll Be There"...
  9. morinen

    She Drives Me Wild lyrics?

    I'm trying to translate this song from Jacksonese to another language, and I'm having trouble with this verse: Black jeans and A turtleneck sweater I know the girl is fakin' 'Cause I've seen her look better She's composition She's statistical fact Got it ready for the willing ??? Got to kick...
  10. morinen

    Michael's image, likeness and copyrights: a legal question

    In the light of the recent lawsuit over the "Last photoshoots" documentary, I was thinking about the concept of "Michael's image and likeness" and the Estate's claims for copyrights. Here's what I don't understand: 1. The Estate owns "Michael's image and likeness" and managed to shut down...
  11. morinen

    Lisa Robinson writes about MJ in her autobiography

    Journalist Lisa Robinson has a lengthy chapter on Michael in her new autobiography There Goes Gravity: Some select quotes:
  12. morinen

    Ron Weisner's chapter on MJ

    It seems that Ron Weisner's book is already out, and I found a review on the MJ part. I was going to buy the book, but now I'm not sure if it's worth the money. If somebody has read it, please post your summary/opinion.
  13. morinen

    The Greatest Auction That Never Happened (Julien's perspective on the 2009 incident)

    There is one article in the latest Newsweek tribute magazine that I thought was pretty interesting. It talks about the Julien's auction in 2009 where Michael's belongings from Neverland were supposed to be sold out. The auction then was cancelled, and there were different versions as to why it...
  14. morinen

    Interview of the doctor from the rehab where MJ stayed in 1993?

    Does anyone else remember that news story about the doctor who treated MJ in rehab in 1993? He shared some memories about MJ among his other patients and told a story how he once took Michael to Denny's (or some other fast food) late at night and how MJ enjoyed it. I searched all over Google...
  15. morinen

    WMA '06 red carpet transcript

    I need help transcribing this interview. I can't make out some of the things the reporter is asking. Any help is appreciated. Thanks. - Have you started recording ??? - Yes. - How is it going so far? - Excellent! - What are you gonna do tonight? - Tomorrow? - What are you doing tonight on...
  16. morinen

    VOTE for Michael as "The kindest person on Earth"!

    Guys, Russian TV channel "TVRain" has this surpring poll to choose "The kindest person on Earth." Please help us to give more votes to Michael! I apologize the site is in Russian, but what you have to do is click button "???????" under his photo and then click on...
  17. morinen

    Michael Jacobshagen - All Discussion Here [MERGED]

    One of the boys whom Michael befriended in the 90s, Michael Jacobshagen, released a book on MJ's 55th birthday called "Will You Be My Friend?" It's his tribute to Michael. The book is thin - about 100 pages if you exude...
  18. morinen

    "Captain EO" Anaheim closing! [Update Pg 4 closing postponed indefinitely]

    "...Meanwhile, Disney’s purchase 10 months ago of Lucasfilm turned the plans to remake Disneyland’s Tomorrowland on its ear. Out were ride concepts based on Tron and Marvel, and in was a Star Wars invasion of nearly the entire land. Disneyland operations teams don’t want the...
  19. morinen

    Number Ones (Collectors Edition)

    Has anyone bought this new Number Ones release? I wonder if there is anything in the booklet besides the usual 4 pictures.
  20. morinen

    What will happen to Michael’s legacy as a person?

    All these recent events with tabloid lies and attempts of fans to disprove them – again – got me thinking… in 10, 20, 50 years, after the dust has cleared, what will become of Michael’s legacy as a person? In my mind there is no doubt that his music, his short films, his...