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  1. pinklollypop

    Georgian Olympic luger dies after crash

    This is heartbreaking. :cry: I'm so sad for his family.
  2. pinklollypop

    Memories of Michael Featurette

    I finally had the chance to watch the special features on the DVD last night. Oh my! The “Memories of Michael” featurette just tore my heart out. :cry: But, it was also great to hear everyone’s stories. I especially loved the story about Michael going to show and tell. That’s so like him. :D...
  3. pinklollypop

    I am a proud Aunt!! :)

    I went to my brother, asking him what I should get for my niece Emily for Christmas. Right away he told me "Michael Jackson's Thriller CD!" My brother told me that she's becoming an MJ fan, but does not have any of his CDs. He said that Emily really wants "Thriller", so I went out today and...
  4. pinklollypop

    Hi! Kind of new...

    Hello everyone!! I'm kind of a newbie here. I first joined this forum after Michael's passing, because I wanted to talk to other MJ fans. I tried to keep a positive attitude, and wanted to celebrate Michael's life and music, but found it very difficult to do so. So, I had to kind of distance...
  5. pinklollypop

    Need some help finding a photo.

    Hello fellow MJ fans. In memory of Michael, I'm making a memorial scrapbook, so I'm gathering photos...etc off the internet. I absolutely LOVE the photo on the commemorative edition of Ebony magazine, and would love to use it as the front cover of my scrapbook. If possible, can some post a...
  6. pinklollypop

    Fan for 18 years, new to MJJCommunity

    Hello everyone. My name is Leeanna. And *HUGS* to you all during this sad and difficult time. I had originally began to post on Michael’s board on Internet Movie Database, but the cruelty became too much. Plus his IMDb board is not considered a fan it’s trolls galore over there...