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  1. Annita

    DSTYGE How Michael Jackson made a song

    A closer look at how the King of Pop crafted his first big pop hit, "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough.'
  2. Annita

    Wiesner-documentation over Michael in German TV

    I wished the Estate can stop it. _________________ "My friend Michael" - The King of Pop will be 60 - Sat. 25.08 - VOX: 20.15 On the occasion of the 60th birthday of the music...
  3. Annita

    Tito's First Interview Since Joe Jackson's Death

    Tito loves to feed the UK-tabloids. For a few weeks the Sun, now the Mirror. He seems also to be very proud of his IV, he posted the link on his instagram ____________________________ Michael Jackson's brother Tito says dad's tough love saved them from life of crime - but 'pop superstar...
  4. Annita

    Beyonce-Jay-Z-Tour ist struggling to sell out

    can`t copy the article, so only the link
  5. Annita

    Michael Jackson Estate Sues ABC Over TV Special

    Michael Jackson Estate Sues ABC Over TV Special The estate of Michael Jackson is suing Disney, saying an ABC television special on the singer's last days infringed on its intellectual property. The Associated Press obtained the lawsuit filed Wednesday in U.S. court in Los Angeles against the...
  6. Annita

    Kravitz Announces Duet Song With MJ Samples, on New Album

    Lenny Kravitz hails inspirational Michael Jackson 'Are You Gonna Go My Way' hitmaker Lenny Kravitz said Michael Jackson "made" music happen for him, after his first concert was the Jackson 5 at Madison Square Garden Lenny Kravitz has hailed Michael Jackson as hugely influential on his career...
  7. Annita

    Michael Jackson Estate Slams ABC TV Special on MJ's "Last Days"

    Michael Jackson estate slams ABC TV special on his last days LOS ANGELES (AP) — The Michael Jackson estate is objecting to an ABC TV special airing Thursday on the end of the life of the late King of Pop, calling it a crass attempt to exploit Jackson without respect for his legacy or...
  8. Annita

    TIDAL accused of deliberately faking Kanye West and Beyoncé streaming numbers

    TIDAL accused of deliberately faking Kanye West and Beyoncé streaming numbers What a story this is. You might recall that, in the deep dark recesses of music streaming history – ie. two years ago – Jay Z-owned TIDAL left many in the music business scratching their heads. In March 2016...
  9. Annita

    Interview with Macaulay Culkin (new)

    Macaulay Culkin / Cameron Esposito Macaulay Culkin considers himself retired, dabbling in whatever he chooses at any given time. It's understandable he would want to settle down, considering he was one of the most famous people on the planet by the age of ten. Mac tells Marc about the struggles...
  10. Annita

    Trial Over Rights "The Last Photoshoot" Documentary

    Michael Jackson Documentary Lawsuit Moves Toward Trial Michael Jackson's estate is one step closer to trial in a dispute over a documentary called Michael: The Last Photo Shoots.
  11. Annita

    Michael Jackson`s estate files trademark for museum

    Hopefully they can do it with Hayvenhurst Michael Jackson's estate files trademark for museum  Michael Jackson's estate has filed a trademark application for the phrase "Neverland Ranch" for a...
  12. Annita

    20/20 Tito and sons speaking about murder of ex-wife and mother

    After seeing the report I think it was really not a clear case. Didn`t know Oxman was the lead-attorney. He describes his work as one-man-Show in the court-case, lol.
  13. Annita


    Rolling Stone and Q. Jones seems to be a perfect team to downplay Michaels work Quincy Jones Looks Back on the Making of Michael Jackson's 'Bad' "I thought it was time for him to do a very...
  14. Annita

    Meserau new attorney in Cosby-trial

    Bill Cosby hires Michael Jackson lawyer for sexual assault retrial Reuters Staff FILE PHOTO: Actor and comedian Bill Cosby arrives on the tenth day of his sexual assault trial at the Montgomery County Courthouse in Norristown...
  15. Annita

    Voting: Most influential pop-music-icon: Michael Jackson or Madonna?

    You can vote here: Only a few days and and only one voting/person is possible:
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    Katherine Jackson Says Her Nephew Is Abusing Her

    Katherine Jackson Says Her Nephew Is Abusing Her Katherine Jackson is the victim of elder abuse at the hands of her nephew ... according to legal docs she just filed in Los Angeles. Katherine just obtained a restraining order against Trent Lamar Jackson. In her papers she claims he is an...
  17. Annita

    (Prince) Michael Joseph Jackson Jnr. Discussion/Picture Thread

    I think it will be good not to mix everything from Michaels Kids in one thread. _______________________ Prince Jackson remembers Michael Jackson The Insider promo
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    Michael Jackson-Quiz

    Quiz: Can You Name All 29 Of These Epic Michael Jackson Songs By One Line?
  19. Annita

    Book: Musical Prodigies

    Publisher: Oxford University Child prodigies have been observed in a range of disciplines - particularly music, mathematics, chess, and art. The question of what makes a prodigy has long been controversial. Some have dismissed the notion of giftedness, arguing that most famous prodigies had...
  20. Annita

    New release: Motown 25 Yesterday, Forever with Reharsal-Footage from Michael

    Release-date: 27.09.2016 WHY BUY? •6-DVD Deluxe Edition in a special collector's box -- now released on DVD! •This Emmy-winning program had it all: Michael Jackson, Diana Ross, Smokey Robinson, Stevie Wonder...