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  1. ManBehindTheMirrOr - Dona

    'Get It Together' (Red Vinyl - Limited Edition) Album Will Be Reissued.

    I am thinking about to buy my favorite and my second favorite Jackson 5 Motownalbum Skywhriter and Dancin' Machine in this beautiful Vinyl release! Can some of the Vinylexperts here who have bought this colored Vinyls tell me how good the pressings sound? I hope they will release other Jackson...
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    Michael in the Motownera Thread

    The most songs Michael sang in the Motownera were very light not very deep lovesongs! But there were 17 exceptions, which were early serious and Humanitarian songs I like to remind you on or introduce to you, when you didn't know all of them: 01. The Young Folkes - J5 02. Listen I'll Tell You...
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    If there was evidence that Michael ever harmed a child,would you still be a fan?

    Please don't share the links to those Youtubers. You help to give them views and attention! Don't trust them in any way! There are some paid influencers out there who run MJFacts and other pages. When there would be any strong evidence that MJ had abused any child I whould compleatly turn my...
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    Controversial MJ Documentary Leaving Neverland [GENERAL DISCUSSION THREAD]

    I don't know if this great podcastepisode about the Square One premier was already been posted here! The quote from John Ziegler "The innocent people are the most difficult ones to defend" let me get thaughtful a lot! He is right with this esspecially when it comes to the MJ cases. Innocent...
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    Björk recommends We Are Almost There

    Thank you. Glad to meet you here. When i am through her albums, videos, the most of the interviews on a satisfactory level, the the film is the next on my list! Which are your three favorite albums, videos and interviews of björk? aah I found this video yesterday were Björk talked about Michael...
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    Michael in the Motownera Thread

    We are are close to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of "The Jackson 5" and the beginning of what became the greatest artist which the world maybe will have ever known! So I thought it would be a great idea to go back and give the longest and prdouctivest era (when it comes to released songs) in...
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    Controversial MJ Documentary Leaving Neverland [GENERAL DISCUSSION THREAD]

    I don't really know from where this strange pedophilic smack of LN comes from. But someone who had worked on it definitly had the idea to turn the original storys into love storys and add new things to it like the sexual "adventures" at Neverland which should have happened outside of MJs...
  8. ManBehindTheMirrOr - Dona

    The Change in Michael's Message and Image After 'Thriller'

    That the original Panther dance was much more extreme then what MJ wanted the public to see from does not surprise me. He completly let himself go into this performance without thinking anything! And when you do this esspecially when you feel such strong feelings like anger and hate it can have...
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    The Change in Michael's Message and Image After 'Thriller'

    Yeah.. I have really exaggerated here in the case of the Black panther video. The rest I simply wanted to say and express somewhere cause it had engaged me. But it didn't fit here. Sorry.
  10. ManBehindTheMirrOr - Dona

    The Change in Michael's Message and Image After 'Thriller'

    For me its already enough things out there which MJ never wanted to be public and see the light of day. I don't really need more of it esspecially when it comes to his artistic work and intimate things. I know sometimes the MJ adiction can get a little bit toxic but try to respect his privacy...
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    The Change in Michael's Message and Image After 'Thriller'

    MJ was a slave to the rythem and able to compleatly merge with music and becoming one with it. When it had to turned out to look like (dirty) sexy dancing and grabing it crotch then it was suposed to be! This is true art and intense dedication! But in all his dancing it was only a few seconds...
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    Björk recommends We Are Almost There

    I'm on a very intense discovery journey in the last weeks of Björk and her art to which I sadly never really payed much attention to before. I am absolutly blown away, mezmarized and touched from what I have found so far.! This two genious sound so differntly but seemed to have on the other...
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    Controversial MJ Documentary Leaving Neverland [GENERAL DISCUSSION THREAD]

    I think the huge surpriseingly influencial and very fastly growing as an unreachable global sucess from a black man in the thrillerera and the growing maybe never reached deep, special power MJ suddenly got with it over millions of people worldwide what no dictator or king maybe ever had in...
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    Lets celebrate the 50th Birthday of The Jackson/The Jacksons and "I Want You Back"

    :hellov1: I am back to remember you on this historic celebration! ;) I think the 7th October is the right date to celebrate it and we are close to it now! I love "I want you back" and some of the songs from "Diana Ross presents the Jackson Five" very much by the way! Love to listen to them...
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    What Are You Listening To?

    Re: What are you listening to? A lot Katie Melua in the last weeks. She is my favorite female singer and I am a big fan of her since the begining. Today I played from her: Wonderful Life & Perfect Word which has a must seen beatiful video clip. But she has an outstanding great catalog with many...
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    Michael Making a Children's Record?

    I whould have loved it when Michael had released more things like the recorded ET Story Book. Imagine listening to Michaels beautiful speaking voice before you go to sleep telling a beatiful exiting maybe selfwhritten story and singing little songs in it which sounds so beautiful like "Someone...
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    Festivals Tour For The Jacksons In France and Announcing A New Album

    When the brothers get their hands on the matirial from the past Jacksons recordings I would jump up and down so hard when they finally would relese some the a capellas with Michael!!! Imagine we could finally listen to the a capellas from some of the beatiful ballads from the Jackson Albums...
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    At which time was MJ born in August 29 1958?

    Joe is also in Michaels driver lisance and also in the 2005 trail documents. In both it is absolutly nessesary that they have the full corect name in it to be valid. I don't think its nessesary in a wedding certificate. I am not an expert in u.s. law but I think the only documents that really...
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    The MJ album with the best love songs

    Because therir are many love songs on his motown solo albums I included them also.
  20. ManBehindTheMirrOr - Dona

    You Meet MJ in an Elevator - Reaction?

    I would make sure that I am not dreaming, then break out in teers, fall on my knees thanking god for bringing him back, tell Michael how much I love him and promise him I will keep the secret that I have met him no matter what happened.