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  1. Rawr

    Please check out & vote for my friends' films for the Palm Beach International Film Festival! "The Perfect Self-Deception" and "Alive" - You can watch them by clicking on the titles on the film festival's website. To vote, click on "*** Vote Here For Your Favorite Film ***" at the top and follow the directions (sorry...
  2. Rawr

    Please help my friend win a photography scholarship contest!

    (I didn't see anything in the rules against this, so forgive me if it goes against them...) Hey guys, I rarely ever post here anymore because I've been so busy with stuff, so most of you probably have no idea who I am, but I have a request: My school has a small groups program and there's this...
  3. Rawr

    [NEW] DisneyWorld (2002-2004?) - My friend's friend's little brother and Michael

    My classmate told me a few years ago that his family was with his friend's family at DisneyWorld (Orlando, FL) in a shop when they saw Michael Jackson. The family of the kid asked Michael to take a photo with him and Michael agreed. Apparently, during all the commotion, the kid crapped in his...
  4. Rawr

    Is there proof that Sony tried manipulating the 2005 trial to get a conviction?

    I remember reading something either here or at the KOP Boards saying that Sony was somehow involved in the trial, trying to get a conviction, so they could get the Sony/ATV catalogue away from him because if he was in jail, he'd automatically lose it when the time to renew(?) came around or...
  5. Rawr

    [Streaming from Webcam] Dateline NBC about a girl MURDERED using PROPOFOL

    Sorry if this isn't the appropriate section. I'm in a bit of a rush as the show is about to start in 3 minutes. :lol: Just thought you guys would want to see this. Okay, I'm streaming my webcam (nice quality) on the TV from LiveStream. From Friday, Aug. 21: A Propofol death and a...
  6. Rawr

    REQ: Larger/better quality version of this photo

    Words cannot describe how in love I am with this photo. Something about this just makes me want to grab him and RRAAAAHHH~! :wub: