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    Earth hour 2018

    It´s soon time for another Earth Hour But of course we think of the planet in our daily life too
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    Gregory Lemarchal

    I was looking for what I thought was an English song , but the original was french and that´s the way I found out about Gregory Lemarchal. he sings about life and death and what makes it more special is that he suffered from cystic fibrosis and he...
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    It´s time for Earth Hour tonight
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    Earth hour 2016

    It begins 8.30 pm 19 march It starts with us
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    We are the world and we love Michael jackson

    And we need MJJC If it wasn´t for fans posting things here on MJJC I wouldn´t have known for example how TDCAU was used as a protestsong, that NATO foreign ministers sing "We are the World". I´ve learned many things .."Boy Is That Girl With You" I didn´t know it means it´s a black boy with a...
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    Earth hour 28 March 08.30pm

    Earth Hour Live! As Earth Hour sweeps across twenty-four time zones and six continents on 28th March 8:30 PM local time, be the first to see the Earth Hour celebrations from New York to Nairobi and Paris to Panama!
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    March with Paris

    Hundreds of thousands will march through the streets of Paris tomorrow to support the beautiful French values of equality, fraternity and liberty -- and we can be there with them. The entire world will be watching what happens as people take to the streets in response to the brutal murder of...
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    Musikhjälpen (musikhjälpen) for charity

    You can wish songs- and pay for it. They have played 2 of Michael´s songs, Man in the mirror and DSTYGE. One of the programleaders danced to DSTYHE, tried to moonwalk and said forever king of pop. I have wished for We´ve had enough, I hope they play it .
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    Nobel Peace Prize This year they gave the prize to 2 people who really deserved it.Malala Yousafzai was cons dered for the prize last year but I heard they thought she was too young. I hadn´t heard about Kailash Satyarthi earlier but I´m happy he got...
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    People´s climate march september 21

    Join the biggest global march in history Events Find an event near you
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    Glimmers of hope

    Either we focus on the past and drown in sorrow, or we fight for a peaceful future. There’s an odd duplicity when it comes to peace. When absent in the face of war, peace feels like a dream made impossible by unforgivable violence. In better times, peace is little more than an unsung truth of...
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    Interesting article about Easter

    Interesting read about Easter
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    I have become a grandmother

    :yes: to a little babygirl :baby: born today:birthday:
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    Songs for Michael´s Oxford speech

    Think of a tribute to show Michael the humanitarian based on his Oxford speech. What songs do you think fit with it? It can be other songs than Michael´s too I´ll think of <iframe width="560" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0"...
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    16 years in a wooden box

    After 16 Years in a Wooden Box, Smiling Chimp Races Through the Grass For the first time in 16 years, Bazou plows through a sea of grass—with 36 chimpanzees trailing behind. He's running fast because the freedom of movement is an astonishing sensation. Today is Bazou's day to stand at the...
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    Michael´s visit in South Korea 1998

    <iframe width="420" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> I´m afraid I can´t translate what they are saying in the video, but it looks good.
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    Michael in South Africa 1997

    He doesn´t even drop his hat when he is parasailing <iframe width="420" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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    Michael Jackson eyed Vegas &#8216;Wonderland&#8217; Realtor says mansion&#8217;s security was key as King of Pop set sights on $16.5 million home By Cara McCoy Thursday, Aug. 13, 2009 | 2:05 a.m. Nestled among the homes of casino owner Phil Ruffin, the Sultan of Brunei and entertainer...
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    Remember Hiroshima

    Thousands gather to remember Hiroshima bombings Important to remember Hiroshima, Nagasaki Hamilton Spectator Remembrance As Hamiltonians sweat it out with global warming, it is astonishing how many of us find the subject of nuclear abolition (yawn ...) unconnected to our...
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    Children died after they had eaten lunch in school

    Deadly School Lunches Show Why India Must Clean Up Its Environment 23 children aged 5 to 12 have died in the northeastern state of Bihar in India after eating a school lunch of lentils, vegetables and rice earlier this week and at least 20 remain sick in hospitals; the school’s cook, who...