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    A to Z - Movies Thread

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    Have you ever...?

    Nope lol Have you ever hitchhiked?
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    Post a random smiley

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    What Are You Listening To?

    Re: What are you listening to.. Cry to me - Solomon Burke :)
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    What are you drinking?

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    A to Z - of your fave names!!!

  7. MJFore

    ~Jimi Hendrix~

  8. MJFore

    Favourite Christmas Song/s?

    OMG, i love Tom Lehrer, thank you for posting this! :kickass: Here's my favorite Christmas song:
  9. MJFore

    The Michael Jackson Stamps Around The World

    So cool, thank you for posting these!!! :clapping:
  10. MJFore

    poll Michael song

    I also think it's him...
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    Post a random smiley

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    What was the last MJ song u listened to?

    Childhood :(
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    How Are You Feeling Today?

    Re: How are you feeling today? Anxious...
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    The Doors

    I love The Doors, but i hated Oliver Stone's movie. They should have called it "The Lizard King" or something... That movie is not about the band, but about Morrison and it depicts him in a one sided view. -_-
  15. MJFore

    They ruined we are the world!!!

    I don't understand why they couldn't come up with a new song... :unsure:
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    Billie Jean Literal Video Version

    Brilliant! Loved it! :lol: Thanks for sharing!
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    Poll for the girls

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    If Michael Was Reading This Thread...What would you say?

    I hope you're smiling up there... :heart: