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    Michael in the Motownera Thread

    We are are close to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of "The Jackson 5" and the beginning of what became the greatest artist which the world maybe will have ever known! So I thought it would be a great idea to go back and give the longest and prdouctivest era (when it comes to released songs) in...
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    The MJ album with the best love songs

    Because therir are many love songs on his motown solo albums I included them also.
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    Best Opening song of MJs adult studio albums

    Best Opening song of MJs adult albums For me its Don't stop til you get enough. I failed to make this thread a poll. can a moderator please do this for me with adding the songs: Don't stop til get enough Wanna be startin' somethin' Bad Jam Scream Unbreakable ?
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    The "Fridays for future" movement and how LN maybe did impeded to use MJ and his art for it to get m

    The "Fridays for future" movement and how LN maybe did impeded to use MJ and his art for it to get m ... more powerful I thought its time to have a thread about 'Fridays of future' movement in an MJ forum and here we are and can talk about it. I don't know if someone of you ever thought about...
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    At which time was MJ born in August 29 1958?

    Does someone know this? Is the time maybe mentioned in his birth certificate?
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    The German Philosoph Richard David Precht?

    I always wanna know since I am a member of this forum if here are follower of the famous german Philsoph Richard David Precht. Now I have decided to do it after this very good new german interview. Here are some other videos: What do you think about this man and his views? Do you have...
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    How can it be confimed that Bill Bray slept in MJs room/suite during the Bad tour?

    Can it be confimed that Bill Bray slept in MJs room/suite during the Bad tour? Months ago I mentioned that I have read in a german article from a fanpage about MJs visit in Switzerland 1988 about his visit of the Chaplin Family together with his former personal Bodyguard Bill Bray! In this...
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    Lets celebrate the 50th Birthday of The Jackson/The Jacksons and "I Want You Back"

    Lets celebrate the 50th Birthday of The Jackson 5/The Jacksons and "I Want You Back" We have a little bit time until we should also honor and celebrate this but I thought I remember on this as early as possible before the moment passed by! I was not sure which date is the right one to...
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    Lets reflect on the MJ Projects of the last 10 years

    After I found this video today from MJFangirl who is one of my my favorite MJ Youtuber I thought it is a good idea to refelect like her on the MJ Projects of the last 10 years. For which of them did you pay, which were your favorites and which you don't like? I would say my favorite MJ...
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    Share your favorite tunes,MJ-videos,moments,quotes you listen,watch,read, remember today on June 25

    Lets play some kind or DJ on this special day to honar and remember our beloved King. As I said in a outher tread... to celebrate MJ I will listen today to all MJ, Jackson 5 / The Jacksons Albums from start to finish. I am now arrived at my favorite Motown Album with Michael: Skywhriter which...
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    100 Episodes Anniversary from "The MJCast": " Brad Buxer Special"

    I thought this great veeeery interesting podcast episode deserves an extra thread! It was a great expirinces to listen to this great podcast episode after LN and realize that there was one more true and good friend of Michael between all the sharks, backstabbers and greedy people around him I...
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    Article 13/17 will cause problems to upload MJ videos on YouTube

    Article 13/17 will cause problems to upload MJ videos on YouTube and other bad things I can't really post any details about it in english cause I followed this thing only in my language: German. But I think this copy right reform which is now definitly passed by the EU Parlament will caused...
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    Lets try to debunk Wades allegations from his first trip to the U.S.

    I first copy everthing what we find out. Hm..... this is very interesting cause in 2005 and in this beach interview when Wade talked about when he first met Michael again after the bad tour he said 1989 and not 1990. Why want they fool us in LN that this second meeting and maybe also the...
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    When did sex education in school took place in LA in the 80ies?

    Can sombody who grew up there where James lived in the 80ies tell us when sex education took place there in school? James Safechuck claims that his sexual education took place from his parents after MJ already abusing him since a longer time.... But can it really be true that his sex...
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    Lets debunk the park footage with James and MJ!

    Lets debunk the park footage with James and MJ in "Leaving Neverland"! When I read this first complaint now from James, I find point 14 very interesting. There James mentioned the park film footage from Simi valley (where the...
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    Search the CNN interview with the Robsons from 1993 and discussing it

    Searching the CNN interview with the Robsons and Brett Barnes from 1993 and discussing it Does anyone remember to ever watched this compleate interview when it was filmed back in 1993? Can we find out the reporter who have made the interview for cnn and begging him to release it compleatly...
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    Lets talk about the differences between LN and puplic documents/statements from W & J and others

    This is James second complaint: When I study it I have the strong impression that James claims there that the abuse at Neverland only took place in Michaels bedroom suite and not anywhere else...
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    James Safechuck's Timeline of Alleged Abuse in the Train Station is Debunked

    Lets collect more pictures and filmfootage to proof this for the blind public and media.
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    Worldwide Demonstrations on Verdictday June 13 and Fanmeetings on June 25 (?)

    I think a wordwide demonstration on this day were Justice did prevail for Michael and he was fully aquitted would be a great idea to fight back against this liars and the propganda media. After the demonstration we can show a video publically which exposes the lies and inconistancies in Wades...
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    Q&A Thread Towards Experts Who've Read Court Documents or Seen LN

    Dear "Soldiers of Love"... I have sometimes many questions towards the court documents of the trials or Leaving Neverland. Some of them I have ask already but I reconized that they semes to not get the attention of the experts in the Leaving Neverland main thread in the maaaany posts people...