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  1. Renan_Antonio

    [Article] The Everlasting Art of a Visionary

    Hi everyone, I wrote an article about the significance of the HIStory album in Michael's life regarding all the allegations and injustices throughout his career and specially nowadays, with Leaving Neverland and the turbulent time we as fans are living. It truly feels like a work of a...
  2. Renan_Antonio

    Dangerous Cover Photo

    Hey guys, does anyone know if there's a photo of Michael behind the whole mask thing on the cover? Not just the eyes, if there's a full picture that they took the eyes off of it. Thanks!
  3. Renan_Antonio

    Recordings in 2009

    Does anyone know exactly how many songs did MJ record in 2009?
  4. Renan_Antonio

    This Is It Poster - Billie Jean Pic

    I have this doubt, where is that picture from the TII poster from? I meant, did he wore this in the rehearsals or they just take it from somewhere else? Because if they did, i think that's not honest at all, in the poster, it should only be pictures from the rehearsals... If anyone can clear...
  5. Renan_Antonio

    MJ Recording at the Cascio studio?

    I'm sorry if this picture has been already posted somewhere, but I couldn't find it. Is it MJ recording at the Eddie Cascio studio? Because i'm pretty sure it's him in the picture, and also, his look is just like back in 2007. And what is that microphone? Weird, hum? Anyway, i'm sorry if I got...