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  1. Cool_Breeze

    Ciara on the New cover of Vibe

    The magazine is partly to blame .CiCi is a good person so this doesn't make her bad she just made a bad choice.And fans should look to their parents no a celebrity on what to do or act.
  2. Cool_Breeze

    Who is the best female/or all around singer/vocalist ever?

    Whitney Houston,Kelly Clarkson,Jennifer Hudson,Tamyra Gray,Alicia Keys,Beyonce.
  3. Cool_Breeze

    new kids, madonna tour los angeles

    I'm going to see NKOTB I just don't know how yet.
  4. Cool_Breeze

    Ashanti's The Declaration

    I want it but I don't have the money yet.
  5. Cool_Breeze

    Top 4 artist/bands other than MJ....

    Janet Jackson Alicia Keys Jordan Knight Enrique Iglesias
  6. Cool_Breeze

    Ne-yo's latest attempt

    I love Ne-yo.You can tell he looks up to Michael.He is very talented and doesn't think he is the next Michael like Chris Brown and Omarion,Usher,etc.
  7. Cool_Breeze

    Who is the Queen of Pop?

    Janet Jackson hands down.
  8. Cool_Breeze

    R Kelly - Hair Braider [[2008]]

    Lame song as usual.
  9. Cool_Breeze

    OK, it's Official...The NKOTB THREAD OMG !!!

    I LOVE NKOTB!!!Jordan is the man always has been and always will be.I 've been a fan for almost 21 years now.I saw them in concert on '90 and Jordan solo in 04.I got to touch Jordan twice:)))I'm still happy about that.I 'm definately going to see them when they come up here.
  10. Cool_Breeze

    back in 98 what were you listening to?

    Basically what I'm listening to now.Just a few new artists.
  11. Cool_Breeze

    Mariah Carey's new video for "Touch My Body"

    Both the song and video are lame.She's had way better.
  12. Cool_Breeze

    Why is Miley Cyrus so populated?

    Cause most kids have no taste.
  13. Cool_Breeze

    Chris Brown

    He's a poser who's not a good singer and he's dance is not that good.
  14. Cool_Breeze

    Randy Jackson Presents America's Best Dance Group-All threads merged

    I thought the show was pretty lame this week they've all done better. the skaters should have gone instead of my girls who are way better than them.And STOP talking about Michael is the past tense.
  15. Cool_Breeze

    Janet Jackson

    If you missed it they repeat it at 12:30 PM today.
  16. Cool_Breeze

    Myspace Layouts

    Thank you.
  17. Cool_Breeze

    Chris Brown biting Mike's style, & poses on cover of Men's Health

    No Chris thinks he is Michael.He's said he's going to be as big as Michael if not bigger.
  18. Cool_Breeze

    What is your Faveourite Song of all time

    Man in the Mirror
  19. Cool_Breeze

    Michael's Tour?

    Phoenix Tour cause of all the stuff he's overcome.Or the Unbreakable Tour,