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  1. mjprince1976

    When did R & B go downhill in your opinion

    I love me some phine R&B songs and every decade from the 1940s to the 1980s has its delights, but to me the arrival of new jack swing around 1988/89 saw an inevitable decline in which the genre has not recovered from. From Louis Jordan in the 40s through to Michael Jackson and Prince in 80s...
  2. mjprince1976

    Alfonzo, Michael Jackson imitation from 1982

    Almost can't believe this album I found on Youtube. The dude looks like Michael c.1982 with the tux the other colour combination. The music sounds like a very bad and watered down version of Thriller. Anyone else heard of it?
  3. mjprince1976

    What country do you live in (Comprehensive and more global poll)

    What continent/country do you live in. Please choose one of the choices and state in your comment which country exactly. I just this would be more fair and comprehensive than some other threads with extremely limited choices and a lot of others. I apologise if USA centric people are offened...
  4. mjprince1976

    Michael and Disney

    Something that is always fascinated me, how deep into Disney was Michael. We all know about Captain EO and his visiting Disney world many times, but was Michael an investor in Disney as well. I ask as I have grown up with Diney characters and are a guilty pleasure fan (Another gay bear...
  5. mjprince1976

    What about Kiwi fans

    How about a section of the community for New Zealand fans. We are a large grup of people, and would love not to be lumped in with Australia. What other kiwis agree.
  6. mjprince1976

    In opportune moments, Michael in strange places

    This could be more a "Random thoughts" thread but I thought I should mention it, as this must have happened to nearly all of you at some stage and multiple times. I was walking through a shopping mall here in Auckland and the background muzak was quite funky as a song came on in a shop. It had...
  7. mjprince1976

    How long is your day? - Sunrise and Sunset times around the world.

    Interesting way to compare places we live on the world. Daylight hours at various locations through the year. I will try and update every week. Here, Auckland New Zealand - Tuesday May 3rd Sunrise 7.02am - Sunset 5.34pm Daylength 10 hours 32 minutes We are 54 minutes longer than our...
  8. mjprince1976

    We have lost Michael and now we have lost Prince, so who is the greatest living legend now?

    Something hard to mull over here, when both were alive, we could pick and choose, but when Michael died, it was down to Prince, David Bowie, Madonna and a few others. Choose anyone you like, but my opinion is none of the current crop come near to these two. Definitely not rappers or hip hop and...
  9. mjprince1976

    The Happy Chipmunks sing Michael Jackson's greatest hits

    Does anybody remember this album, it came out some time in 1984 and contained 8 or 9 songs, one of my friends had a copy of it years ago, I remember looking at the cover ofsome badly drawn cartoon chipmunks wearing knock off capes and jeans. I can not remember the track listing, but I heard him...