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  1. TehHolySpir1t

    Michael Jackson - "Just a brother from Indiana"

    Some guy talks about a meeting in Brazil about the TDCAU video. After the meeting had ended and people had left Michael said "Damn, I thought those mother****ers were gonna never leave." What do you think of Michael's cursing and do you know of more videos like this? Because I find this...
  2. TehHolySpir1t

    Exiting item on amazon! Anybody know what this is? I don't dare hope for Bad Tour.
  3. TehHolySpir1t

    TehHolySpir1t (The Holy Spirit) is in the HOT SEAT!

    TehHolySpir1t is in the HOT SEAT! Have fun and don't go easy on me.
  4. TehHolySpir1t

    Press reviews of Michael live in concert.

    I was wondering what the world press thought of Michael's concert tours when they saw him perform. What did they think of Michael dangling out of his cherrypicker? Did they criticize him for using playback during the HIStory tour, or did they not notice at all? Did the crowd like Beat It or...