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  1. pinklollypop

    NEW Hanson Album news!! (title and release date!!)

    Very cool! :wild: Thanks for the news. I've been a Hanson fan since "MMMbop"! In my opinion, they're a very underrated band. Hanson and Michael's music were a big part of my childhood, and, of course, I still love them today. :heart: I had a HUGE crush on Zac, and I swore I would marry...
  2. pinklollypop

    Awesome video of MJ in 2007, visiting a army base.

    Great video! Love it when the guy dances for Michael! :D It's a shame that this was not, and is not shown more in the media. :no:
  3. pinklollypop

    Vancouver 2010

    Yes, that's Apolo Ohno. :) The other guy is J.R. Celski, who's also in Short Track. This is J.R.'s first Olympics. And lucky you that you go to school with someone who looks like Apolo! I'm jealous! :lol:
  4. pinklollypop

    Vancouver 2010

    I agree, I thought Johnny deserved a better score. I know Johnny runs his mouth a lot, but I do love him. :) Congrats to Evan Lysacek on his win! And how cute is Daisuke Takahashi of Japan, who won the bronze medal? He was so happy and gracious during the medal ceremony. Also...
  5. pinklollypop

    How have your feelings changed about....?

    Good for Akon!! :clap: While I'm not a fan of Akon's music, anyone who stands up for MJ is awesome in my book. :)
  6. pinklollypop

    Children LOVE Michael...sooo...

    These videos are soooo cute!!! :D ^Now he's one serious MJ fan in the making! :lol: Very cute.
  7. pinklollypop

    Vancouver 2010

    Shaun White is amazing! Congrats to him! Loved his victory lap, showing off the Double McTwist!!! :D Can't wait to see Apolo, J.R. and the rest of the Short Track team race for gold this coming Saturday!! Short Track is just insane! I love it! :lol:
  8. pinklollypop

    What The World Needs Now Is Love

    What a sweet video. :cry: It's amazing the humanitarian work Michael did. It seems like everyone, except us fans, ignore all of the good work he did to help others. And I agree, after watching this video, how could anyone believe that he could harm a child?! :no:
  9. pinklollypop

    Michael and a teddy bear

    Aww! So sweet. :wub: Thanks for posting. I love hearing little stories like this about Michael.
  10. pinklollypop

    INSIDE STORY: How Michael Jackson's Kids Are Coping

    I agree that this article makes it seem as if they have more freedom now that Michael is gone, and that really annoys me. Heck, didn't Michael say that the kids went to sleepovers and stuff at their friend's houses? It's funny how the media thinks they know everything about Michael and his...
  11. pinklollypop

    American Idol - Season 9

    Aww, thanks!! Gotta love Apolo!! :wub: Can't wait to see him and J.R. Celski race Wednesday night! I'm even going to skip out on American Idol to watch! :D
  12. pinklollypop

    the monthly issue - girly dues!

    I'm always tired during my time of the month. More tired than usual. Enough to where I do not want to exercise. Maybe it's not a good thing, but I skip exercise during my time of the month. I'll do some light walking, but not my usual workout. I'm a complete mess during this time....and I...
  13. pinklollypop

    American Idol - Season 9

    YAY!! To "Man in the Mirror" being sung.....and more than once! :D :clap: OMG!!! Are they ever going to show John Park singing again? I'm going crazy here!! :lol: The guy keeps getting through, but he's only been shown once, and that was his audition! I liked John in his audition, but it's...
  14. pinklollypop

    Here's some clips of Barbra Streisand

    I :heart: Barbra! She's amazing! I love her music and her movies too! I could watch Funny Girl over and over and over!
  15. pinklollypop

    Do you think Michael danced a lot at home?

    Yes! That was in the Barbra Walters interview. So sweet. :wub: I can just picture Michael dancing for Prince. :dancin:
  16. pinklollypop

    So Olympics ... just aren't my thing

    I LOVE the Winter Olympics, and I could watch it for hours. I'm far from a sports fan, but when the Winter Olympics come around, I just go completely insane, and have to look up everything that's going on with my favorite sports and athletes! :lol: OMG!! APOLO!!! :wub: I'm a fan too!! I...
  17. pinklollypop

    4-Year-Old Impersonates MJ on Ellen Show

    So so so so cute!!! :wub: It's so awesome to see a new generation of MJ fans! I wish Michael could have had the opportunity to see this kid. Michael would have just lost it over the cuteness! :D I love it when Ellen invites such talented kids like him on the show. A few months ago, Ellen...
  18. pinklollypop

    This for some reason bugged me.

    Same here! :lol: Now I will notice it when I watch it again. :D
  19. pinklollypop

    Pet Peeves

    Superficial people. Mean people. Subscription cards in magazines. It annoys me when they fall out all over the place. People who talk in the movie theater, during the movie. People who stand in the middle of an aisle at a store and have a conversation. Come on, people want to get through...
  20. pinklollypop

    Feb 13:Little Prince is a teenager now! HAPPY BIRTHDAY darling!!!

    :birthday:13! It's hard to believe! Happy Birthday Prince! :party: