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    How Michael Jackson Can Get His Career Back by Reg Seeton

    Thx to James Kimbley over at MJNO for posting. Though it ended somewhat negatively, I still thought it was a good read.
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    The Home Video Prince Doesn't Want You to See

    As much as I love Prince as an artist, I think he is being RIDICULOUS right now. It's not like they were actually showing any footage of him so what's the big deal? Come on Prince! This is just stupid.
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    * Why Did I Get Married * ~ No. 1 Movie!

    Okay, all of y'all need to go out and support Janet and go see this movie! It was great. It was funny and it had heart . The movie will make you laugh and cry at the same time lol. I really enjoyed it and I would highly recommend it to anyone . Everyone in the movie did a great job!
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    Usher Talks About His New Album

    There's no title and no release date, but Usher says to trust him: He's not going to make us wait too much longer for his anticipated follow-up to 2004's multiplatinum Confessions. "I'm working on my album," he said via phone from Atlanta on Friday. "It'll be out, I'm not sure when. "I'm not...
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    MJ Can't Sing?

    Why do some people say this? I've heard people say this before and I just don't understand it. How is it that some people think MJ can't sing? And they don't just mean recently, they mean that he could never and can't sing period, like he doesn't have a good voice. I just don't get this. Please...
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    Michael & Stephanie Mills

    I just found a cute pic of MJ & Stephanie Mills. Stephanie is a singer for those of who don't know who's hits include Whatcha Gonna Do with My Lovin', Love Like This Before, Put Your Body In It, among others. She said in an interview a few years ago that she used to date MJ briefly when he was...