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  1. StephluvsMJ

    Another Message from Majestik

    Message to the fans- from Majestik by Majestik Magnificent on Friday, March 11, 2011 at 12:18pm March 10, 2011 Hello! This is Majestik Magnificent. I am writing to all of you about some things that are very disturbing. First of all let me say there has been a video floating around stating...
  2. StephluvsMJ

    Michael Jackson grants the wish of young David Sonnet (Video)

    This is so beautiful :cry: The jacket the boy was wearing is actually being sold (or has already been sold) at auction, which is why you see pictures of the jacket in the video. But what I wanted us to watch from this video was how much pure JOY Michael gave to this child when he got to go...
  3. StephluvsMJ

    Murray was not going to London

    I'm putting this here, because I can't recall for the life of me where or when I heard this. Apparently, Michael was going to fire Murray before going to London. Murray knew about it and was freaking out because the contract with AEG hadn't been finalised and he was scared he wasn't going to be...
  4. StephluvsMJ

    Murray's Lawyer on GMA

    'GMA' Exclusive: Conrad Murray's Lawyer Speaks Out Ed Chernoff: Cops Rushed to Blame, Reports Conrad Murray Delayed 911 Call a 'Bold-Faced Lie' By MIKE VON FREMD and LEE FERRAN April 6, 2010 — The attorney for Michael Jackson's doctor, Conrad Murray, today aggressively contested media reports...
  5. StephluvsMJ

    Does it frustrate you when people call you "blind"?

    I'm sorry if I put this in the wrong place but I just have to rant. If you all remember back during the trial, if you went out and supported Michael, you were nothing more than a "blind" fan. Someone who loves a celebrity so much, that they can't see the "obvious". I think we kind of saw the...
  6. StephluvsMJ

    New unseen TII footage + Making of Thriller Vignette

    Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' Showstopper in 'This Is It' Michael Jackson's 'This Is It' concert was designed to thrill in every sense imaginable, from the costumes and set design to the lighting, special effects and, of course, the Grammy-winning music. Coming to DVD and Blu-ray January 26, ET...
  7. StephluvsMJ

    A little bird's touching tribute to Michael Jackson :hysterical: This is too cute! He's really rocking it :punk:
  8. StephluvsMJ

    JC Agajanian talks about his friendship with Michael (interesting comments about Jordie Chandler)

    I thought this interview was really interesting. His children met Michael on the set of the LA gear commercial and they remained friends for years. JC knows some things about the accusers, more so then he is letting on, I think. He says he knows for a fact that MJ was no child molester and that...
  9. StephluvsMJ

    Michael Jackson Signed AEG Contract Stating He Had "No Known Health Problems" + Link to AEG Contract

    Michael Jackson Signed AEG Contract Stating He Had "No Known Health Problems" + Link to AEG Contract EXCLUSIVE: Michael Jackson Signed AEG Contract Stating He Had "No Known Health Problems" Michael Jackson's contract with AEG for his "This Is It" tour was filed with the Los Angeles County...
  10. StephluvsMJ

    Rare footage of Neverland (Shot by Oprah's camera crew for 1993 Interview)

    I was on youtube looking for pictures and footage of inside Neverland, and I came across this never before seen vid :D The description says:
  11. StephluvsMJ

    Seth Riggs (MJ's vocal coach) believes that Michael was murdered

    Jackson’s voice coach talks Published 17:30, June the 29th, 2009 Recalls the day of pop icon’s ‘moment of his communication with God’ A poster of the pop icon dons messages from well-wishers. INTERVIEW. Seth Riggs was a friend and a teacher of Michael Jackson for 21 years. Riggs saw Michael...
  12. StephluvsMJ

    Open Letter to Michael Jackson's Accuser - by Chris Tucker's Ex

    Azja Pryor, former girlfriend to Chris Tucker, was a regular guest at Michael's Neverland Valley Ranch and had also been in close contact to the Arvizo family, who accused Michael of child molestation. Michael Jackson was found innocent on all charges on June 13, 2005, but as long as the media...
  13. StephluvsMJ

    Why won't people tell the truth about Michael?

    I really have to get this out there because it is killing me. Okay, I don't know about you, but ever since Michael's death, all I've been hearing is a bunch of BS about his life. The media have been playing documentaries like "what really happened" and insisting that Michael was ashamed of his...
  14. StephluvsMJ

    Grace Rwaramba Official Statement

    Statement by Grace Rwaramba Regarding Michael Jackson The following statement is by Grace Rwaramba: June 30th, 2009 “Michael Jackson was an exceptional Human Being. He was gifted, deeply compassionate and brought joy to the lives of so many. He loved his family dearly, and above all, his...
  15. StephluvsMJ

    Michael Bearden Speaks about what could have been... trying to release footage of rehearsals

    Thanks to urbansoul17 from MaxJax This was quite hard to write.... I'm sorry its do long, but I think that everyone should read it, I tried my best. I was listening to 98.7 kiss fm, a radio station from New york. A radio show called Open Line which is considered Black radio talk. But the show...
  16. StephluvsMJ

    A rare glimps of Michael Jackson - The Family Man

    New pictures have surfaced showing Michael at home with his family. I thought they were so beautiful and they showed just how much he loved his children and how much they loved him. I just had to post them. I have pixilated the children's faces out of respect for MJ's wishes. Enjoy...
  17. StephluvsMJ

    Raymone Bain on Access Hollywood

    Raymone talks about possible drug abuse This is confusing. We got Grace, Brian and Lisa Marie, people who have known Michael for sometime, saying MJ was addicted to...
  18. StephluvsMJ

    NEW PICS+Video June 16... More curls!

    Michael Jackson was mobbed by fans and photographers as he left a medical clinic in Beverly Hills this afternoon (June 16). Source: Faded Youth Blog More Source: Contact Music And some more : Source: ConcreteLoop And more: Source: Mr Paparazzi Source: MJJPictures...
  19. StephluvsMJ

    Julien's Auctions to sell Michael Jackson objects, from David Gest's collection

    Thanks to "Micha" from KOPD On Friday, June 26, 2009, Julien's Auctions (the company that was supposed to auction a collection of 2000 Michael Jackson items last April before it was cancelled at the last minute) will sell several Michael Jackson items from the private collection of his...