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    "I Just Had Sex" - The Lonely Island featuring Akon There's not really anything I can add to this. I love that Akon is able to make fun of his own style of music though. "Akon and Lonely Island!"
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    "Kush" - Dr. Dre featuring Snoop Dogg & Akon nostalgia trip
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    Wendy's instructional video Yes, it's real.
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    "I Need A Doctor" - Dr. Dre & Eminem Supposedly a Detox song. Odd since it's more Eminem than Dre, but I guess it'd make an appropriate opening track to "bring back" Dre.
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    Kanye West's most outrageous TV moments In a strange way, I can't help but love him.
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    No Love video - Eminem featuring Lil Wayne

    I hope this kinds marks the end of the Love the Way You Lie craze, especially on the radio. That song is just all right to me but other people like it a lot more than I do. No Love has always been my favorite song on Recovery too. Anyway, I like the concept of this and also this is one of the...
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    Michael Jackson checking out some boobs Look at them titties. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!! Made my day. Incidentally, if this was a clip of Usher or Chris Brown this thread would be filled with comments about how...
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    I'm 12 years old and what is this?

    I know this is horrible, but.... Damn. When they showed a clip of the video that would lead into porn, I just... LMAO. I'm sorry.
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    "Hide yo kids, hide yo wife..."

    "... and hide yo hus' 'cause they rapin' everybody out he'uh..."
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    Need help finding a Michael quote...

    I recall him commenting on rap music and saying something about how he thought it would become more melodic over-time to give it a more universal appeal. If anyone can get me this along with a source, it would be greatly appreciated.
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    Ever notice...

    Ever notice how when you argue with a woman about one specific subject it turns into an argument about EVERYTHING going on in your life? And how the tiniest occurrence can spawn an hour long bullshit "deep" discussion? Ever notice how women always pull out something that happened a long ass time...
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    Sean ****ing Connery

    Need I say more? Wish he slapped Barbara.
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    Eminem new single - "Not Afraid"

    Not what I expected, but awesome shit. EDIT: Replaced the link. Original video got taken down. "I used to like Eminem but I lost my respect for him after the Just Lose It video." There, now that I've typed it out, you people who appear in every Eminem thread with that like it's...
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    Matt Stone & Trey Parker have finally done it...

    They have accomplished the ultimate in pissing people off. They have managed to make terrorists declare a jihad on them: Oh, and if anyone wants to look at the extremists' webpage, it has since been hacked. I can't seem to...
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    This cannot possibly be true...

    lMm0TzW0x5A And assuming it's not, I am laughing my ass off right now. Oh, Mike. :lol: :lol:
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    2010: First year since 1957 without Michael Jackson in the world.

    Thinking a lot about it this morning. Right now we're living in a year where Michael was with us. In a few days we'll be entering the first year of most of our lives in which he's not alive. Sadness and stuff.
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    Paranoia about controlling your thoughts.

    I've had this problem for years, and it's probably better suited for a therapist, but ah well. Those of you who believe in God and an afterlife and have lost a family member or loved one, do you ever think about if you're being watched when you don't want to be watched? More specifically...
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    Is five inch Darth big enough? Where should I put it?

    I recently purchased a 5" Darth Vader action figure and am unsure if it blends well with the rest of my collection, since the other figures are all bigger. I'm wondering if I should keep it with the rest of my Star Wars figures or separate so that the unevenness is not put on display. I have...
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    Michael Having Fun On A Car Ride

    Most of you have probably seen this already, but it brought a HUGE smile on my face and I think it'll cheer a lot of you up: Good times. Good times.