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  1. king_of_style

    What demos would you like most to see remixed for wider audiences?

    Now I know that remixes are a controversial thing here in the MJJ Community, but I think we can all agree that both Michael and Xscape had remixed songs, and both of them sold pretty well for posthumous albums. Thus, if the Estate were to release any new music (be it a single, an EP or an album)...
  2. king_of_style

    "The Law of Equivalent Exchange" — MJJ VAULT EDITION

    So for those not aware, there's this anime franchise called FullMetal Alchemist and one of the big concepts in that universe is this "law of equivalent exchange", which states: "In order to obtain or create something, something of equal value must be lost or destroyed." And as controversial as...
  3. king_of_style

    Do you guys think that Michael would've ever made a concept album like Queen or Prince?,

    As we all know, Michael always liked telling messages with his songs and albums, and he had many songs that told stories ("Who Is It", "Wanna Be Startin' Something", "Little Susie", "A Place With No Name", etc.) but he never really made an album that told one story in and of itself, like Queen...