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    [REQ] Michael sitting on the Billie Jean briefcase

    I want pictures of Michael sitting on the briefcase before perform Billie Jean at the HIStory Tour, please! :D Like this: Thanks in advance!
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    HQ Pics - Hologram Billboard 2014

    Hi! Here are some HQ pictures of the hologram at Billboard 2014, now we can see more details of the illusion! "The decision of what age Jackson should be in the performance was, at least in theory, wide open. The performer could have been almost any age, as his career spanned decades. In...
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    • What happened to

    Hi! I'm sad, anyone knows what happened to and his domains?? has over 200k pictures and almost all in High Quality, and ordered by Era, Tours, Year in different categories like Candids, Behind The Scenes, Photoshoots and...
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    15 HQ pics from Dangerous World Tour

    Hey, I want to share some HQ pictures from Dangerous World Tour ^^ (Click to view in original resolution) 2021x2922 1917x2702 2080x3000 1964x2964 1967x2973 1403x1754 2806x4220 1024x1536 2255x3368 2244x3384 3387x2271...
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    Live at Victory Tour 1984 [15 HQ Pictures]

    I want to share some HQ pictures from the Victory Tour :D (Click to view in original resolution) Resolution | Size 2440 x 3527 | 1,67 MB 3668 x 2456 | 2,41 MB 1996 x 2815 | 3,25 MB 3500 x 2311 | 2,31 MB 2364 x 3500 | 3,01 MB 2342 x 3500 | 3,03 MB 3500 x 2325...