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  1. Kenn K

    Underrated MJ tracks by fans

    I would definitely place it along with his other rock-oriented tracks. Rap-rock is strange, especially during it's heyday when "Shout" was recorded... it's a very fine line you're treading where it can result in something fantastic or an absolute abomination, lol. The ones who do it right...
  2. Kenn K

    Underrated MJ tracks by fans

    I haven't been involved in the community long enough to really know which songs are underrated/overrated, but I will co-sign a few songs that have already been mentioned: "2Bad", "Invincible," "Blue Gangsta," "Morphine," "Tabloid Junkie"... all songs are among my favorites and I'm honestly...
  3. Kenn K

    New Fan and Thoroughly Addicted to Everything About This Man!

    !! Girl, I'm right there with you. I'm 33 and my story is very similar. The only big difference is my mom was a big fan and she passed away in February 2009, aged 50... due to the negligence of medical "professionals" (I didn't even realize the parallel of that last aspect until typing this...
  4. Kenn K

    What happened to SWG?

    Wow... I just went to rock the recent 2 Bad mix he dropped and my heart dropped when I saw the "This channel has no content" bullshit. Sony finds a way to screw up everything. If he loses his channel... SWG is such a mfing GOAT
  5. Kenn K

    Official MJJC Change My Name Thread

    Hey guys! Just wanted to bump my request :) Thanks in advance, much love!
  6. Kenn K

    Do You Like Morphine?

    One of my favorite songs. That beat is crazy hard.
  7. Kenn K

    Raising Money For A New Community Forum

    I haven't been here long, but I have so much respect and love for the people putting all the time and effort into preserving/defending Michael's legacy. Also, this place could use a facelift :tonguev3: Donated
  8. Kenn K

    The Bad Era

    I was just looking for a Bad era picture to use for my birthday post on social media, I wish I'd found this thread before then, ha! There's a ton of pictures I've never seen here
  9. Kenn K


    Man In The Mirror, any day... On top of that, the Grammy performance is just too legendary.
  10. Kenn K

    Was Michael ever disappointed with any songs he released?

    Wowww. With all the other nonsense controversy, I guess this doesn't get brought up as much since I've never heard anyone even allude to this. I've admittedly never watched the entire deposition in full like this. Thank you for sharing! It's utterly insane how much everyone wanted a piece, no...
  11. Kenn K

    Your Last MJ-Related Purchase

    Does a Trapson shirt count? Lol, if not, I ordered like 10 posters earlier this year and the only one I've actually put up is the one I received of the 'Xscape' album cover
  12. Kenn K

    Paris jackson set to appear in 'american horror story'

    Whaaat! I am so glad I joined this forum, I don't hear about any of this stuff! This blows my mind, I was a big fan of the earlier seasons. I still enjoy the cast generally, and with Paris joining... I may have to tune back in! It would be such a beautiful thing to watch Paris become a...
  13. Kenn K

    Was Michael ever disappointed with any songs he released?

    Plagiarism? I'm intrigued as to what you're referring to? (I'm a relatively new dedicated fan, always been a supporter, I just didn't fall in love with the man and his music until 32 years into my life, for some reason, haha) As a singer/producer myself, while I'm not a professional by any...
  14. Kenn K

    Michael Jackson x Daft Punk

    The concept is brilliant, but I can't say I'm in love with this particular attempt, unfortunately.
  15. Kenn K

    The 'Nevermind" baby is suing Nirvana

    Surprised no one has commented on this as it's a pretty big deal/joke in my world. Endless memes involving other famous album covers. But seriously, how obvious can people be about the fact they finally ran out of money and are starving for clout? Then the only thing they achieve is forcing...
  16. Kenn K


    It really bothers me that radio is terrified of Michael f'ing Jackson in 2021. I think about this a lot. I work at Dunkin', somewhere I used to hear Michael songs all the time as a customer... They play zero MJ songs, but of course, the "hoo" ad-lib can be heard during their sweeper.
  17. Kenn K

    Official MJJC Change My Name Thread

    Hey guys! I just signed up the other day and I haven't reached my 10 post minimum to unlock everything... I don't know if this includes requests such as a name change but either way, I'd really appreciate my name being changed to Kenn K if that's possible! If I have to wait until I hit 10 posts...
  18. Kenn K

    Why hasn't Smooth Criminal with the moonwalker lyrics gotten an official CD release?

    I'm going to expose myself as such a newbie with half my posts, lol... But how have I listened to/watched this so many times without ever noticing this? The second verse always seemed a bit awkward to me, too abrupt. Which I always figured was just how the song was written, it's not unusual for...
  19. Kenn K

    New MJ content (Possibility)

    I may be late to the party, but all things considered, boy, did I join the forum at the perfect time or what? Absolute hype :)