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  1. redfrog

    13.50 minutes In the Closet NEWLY RELEASED FOOTAGE

    I never saw this before and have no idea why shana's websites is on it but whatever. It's great.
  2. redfrog

    1993 - The Case Files Discussion **All Things Jordan and Evan Chandler Go Here**

    He is lying of course. They already had access to every damn document Sneddon ever saw and more. They just pretend that there is somehow this treasure trove of evidence against MJ because they know people will believe it. And he doesn't anticipate any trial he knows from the Safechuck ruling...
  3. redfrog

    This got 19 million views in 3 days! Brazil seems to like MJ
  4. redfrog

    Capturing Michael! Harrison Funk has an amazing story to tell. Today on abc7

    He was #michaeljackson personal #photographer for 30 years. He shows me his favorites and tells me the captivating stories attached to each one. The King of Pop few people knew Monday at 11pm abc7 It's broadcast...
  5. redfrog

    No other artist dead or alive has this is ANY country

    First I didn't want to believe my eyes when a few days ago I checked the iTunes chart in Bahrain and found this: Number Ones 25 Xscape deluxe 28 Bad 38 Thriller 47 History 54 Essential 58 Bad25 61 BODF 63 Ultimate Fan Extras Collection 76 Michael 78 This is it 81 The definitive...