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  1. MJJuniorSinceMW

    Black Messiah by D'Angelo (long awaited album)

    Hey guys! You aware of the huge buzz & rave reviews about 'Black Messiah' album by D'Angelo? 14 years since his last & classic album "Voodoo".. And now he's back! With another instant classic... Twitter went crazy about it, the reviews show universal acclaim.. Makes me even more interested in...
  2. MJJuniorSinceMW

    Old Schooler's / we wait 'till physical has arrived - Thread

    Hey guys, i thought i start this thingy for all the ones who will be waiting, like me, without listening to the preview snippets, or daily songs! Here i declare: I won't listen to any of the previews, nor the streaming of whole songs, nor do i listen to the leaked material since March 31st. I...
  3. MJJuniorSinceMW

    Behind The Scenes rift about "HFITS"

    What follows is email traffic between Jesse Johnson (musician, guitarist) & Lauren Cardini (Vice Pres of Epic Publicity): MICHAEL JACKSON featuring DANGELO + MARY J. BLIGE "HOT FUN IN THE SUMMERTIME" My opinion for what's its worth, they really made a mistake by not including this track on...
  4. MJJuniorSinceMW

    Signature Michael Songs from the five Jacksons Albums

    Hey guys! I need your help. I'm putting together a little project. Therefore i would like to have YOUR opinion on what YOU consider to be signature MJ tracks from the five studio albums released by the The Jacksons: The Jacksons Goin' Places Destiny Triumph Victory It can be a signature...
  5. MJJuniorSinceMW

    The "stick it out" thread

    Hey guys! Just to let you know: 1) haven't listened to any of the snippets 2) haven't watched Wembley "APOM" 3) haven't watched Wembley "HN" But: I'm reading every single post in every single thread, from morning 'till evening (@work & @home)... You can easily imagine a nervous excited (all...
  6. MJJuniorSinceMW

    My personal MJ inspired Seakers

    Hey Guys, just wanted to show You my newly selfdesigned PRod-V sneakers (Paul Rodriguez = Skateboard Pro). I gave them the MJ treat: -calling them the Moonwalker's -black bottom represents Michaels Loafers -all white upper represents of course MJ's white sparkling socks I emphasized on the...