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    Hello! Returning after quite an absence!

    Good evening everyone! :) I used to be more active here earlier but then I disappeared. LOL! I don't even remember when I logged on before tonight. I've been existing on Facebook and YouTube mainly while on the Internet lately. I got an e-mail reminding dormant members to wake up (thanks!) and...
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    Dr. Murray As 'Inspirational' as Michael Jackson

    Ummm... I haven't been here much over the past few days, so... Maybe they've changed the definitions of the words 'inspirational' and 'successful' while I wasn't looking. That's the only way to explain how a doctor who kills a patient could be inspirational or successful. :no:
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    Justice For Michael Demo's / Fans demand Justice

    Re: Justice For Michael Demo's, London and LA Awesome! I hope a whole lot of people turn up at both locations! There's power in numbers.
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    MJJC Member birthdays

    I wish you all had very happy birthdays! :D
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    Finnish MJ Fans

    Re: Finnish MJ fans.. Joo, katselinpa itsekin tuon dokkarin ja oli se ainakin uusi mulle. Vähän hankala oli katsoa, kun saatiin just yllätysvieras samaan aikaan. Onneksi oli ymmärtäväinen henkilö eli ei halunnut häiritä mun tärkeää ohjelmaa (hän sanoi noin). Arvattavissahan tuo juttu oli eli ei...
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    What celebs have you met?

    Met... Adam Clayton (U2). I've got an autograph and a hug from him on two separate occasions. This is my biggest claim to fame! :lol: The Edge (U2). I managed to say one (1) entire sentence to him. :D Bono (yeah, U2)... Kind of. I've stood at an arms length, does that count? :D BP Fallon (an...
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    Michael wrote an email to Bjork in 2003

    Björk's answer is very sweet. :)
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    Finnish MJ Fans

    Re: Finnish MJ fans.. Aloin just katsomaan, että mitä ohjelmaa tänään tulee telkusta ja huomasin E!:n dokumentin (no, lienee "dokumentti") Michael Jacksonin viimeiset päivät, joka pälähtää silmille tänään klo. 16:00 Subilta. Vähän viime tipassa huomasin tuon, mutta eipä liene laadukaskaan...
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    Michael Jackson Giraffes Die

    This sad news made it into one of our tabloids too. :( They haven't reported any crap about Michael lately. At least I haven't noticed. Poor giraffes...
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    Diane Dimond's website articles - comment!

    I guess she'd love it if people comment on her old articles about Michael. Probably best not to give her that attention any more.
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    The most awful book on do we stop it????

    You are sadly right, Soundmind. My hope is that anyone mentioned in the book would sue for libel or whatever. But this can likely be done only after the book comes out and those concerned are alerted about it (and read it). It is likely no amount of fan protests will stop the book from coming...
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    Finnish MJ Fans

    Re: Finnish MJ fans.. Heh, joo, kiitos The One! Se olikin tuo dokkarin nimi Devotion - ja itse vielä olen sen tänne kirjoittanutkin! :hysterical: Kiva kuulla, että se on YouTubessa. Pitääkin katsoa, kun olen seuraavan kerran siellä. Ai että Jim D Rikos? Joo, ei ehkä parasta katsottavaa. Tosin...
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    Help Haiti - International Donation Information HERE!

    Thanks for these! More options for Finnish fans to make donations: (= World Vision)
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    MJJC Legacy Project - Media Advocacy E-Mail Alert System

    I don't think I'm part of this yet... I'll be sending an e-mail soon!
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    Finnish MJ Fans

    Re: Finnish MJ fans.. Ai joo... Olenpa unohtanut etsiä olisiko sitä dokkaria YouTubessa. Nyt sitten olen jo unohtanut, mikä sen dokumentin nimi olikaan englanniksi. Äh... Joo, saisi kyllä tulla konsertti (konsertteja jopa) Suomenkin telkusta. Tosin meikäläisen tuurilla unohtaisin varmaan...
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    Personal MJ Collection and Official Memorabilia Discussion

    Re: Your MJ collection I so love looking at these faboulous collections! Thanks for sharing! :)
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    MJJC Member birthdays

    Hey! A birthday thread! Nice! :) I wish everyone who's had a birthday so far had a... :birthday: FANTASTIC BIRTHDAY!! :accordian: :dance_party: :wish: :fame: Today's birthday lady is MICHAELISCIOUS!! :clapping:
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    'Official Michael Jackson Opus' (All Threads Merged)

    Yay! You Aussies are getting yours! About time too!! :D Congrats!
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    The most awful book on do we stop it????

    OK, apparently the people mentioned as recommending the book do exist. However, did they actually see/read/recommend this book? This much in advance? I doubt it. Google seems to know nothing of the author. Hmph...
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    The most awful book on do we stop it????

    A veteran journalist and a Michael Jackson fan writes a book like that? I'll only buy that claim if the people who believe that will buy my premium holiday condo by the sea in the Sahara desert! :banghead I hope people whose opinions matter will arrange meetings with their laywers and stop the...