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  1. starcraven13

    This or That

    Movie Cat or dog?
  2. starcraven13

    I'm Back!

    Thank you everyone.
  3. starcraven13

    I'm Back!

    Thank you. I haven't been around in awhile. But MJJC has always been my home.
  4. starcraven13

    Would you hit it?

    Maybe if I was a girl or a homosexual. Paul Reubens?
  5. starcraven13

    What are you drinking?

  6. starcraven13

    What song is stuck in your head?

    Another Part Of Me
  7. starcraven13

    When Was the Last Time?

    Re: When was the last time..? A few nights ago. I believe. When was the last time you fell?
  8. starcraven13

    This or That

    a nerd with no friends Lemon or Lime?
  9. starcraven13

    I'm Back!

    Hey everyone. I'm back. Anyone remember me?
  10. starcraven13

    Facebook friends?

    Please add me to facebook.
  11. starcraven13

    This or That

    tomayto Day or night?
  12. starcraven13

    This or That

    No boyfriend. Shoes or Barefoot?
  13. starcraven13

    My Paltalk King of Pop Michael Jackson room is open

    When will you have your room open again?
  14. starcraven13

    Do you wear MJ shirts in Public?

    I most defiantly will as soon as I can get some more. I currently don't have any but there are quite a few I want and plan to get.
  15. starcraven13

    who would you give a hug to?

    Line up everyone. I am giving hugs to each and everyone of you.
  16. starcraven13

    This or That

    Playstation. Dog or cat ?
  17. starcraven13

    When Was the Last Time?

    Never. When is the last time you had a cup of coffee ?