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    The doctor who saved Michael's life in 1995

    Since this happened some days ago (in 1995)... Here's an interesting article about the doctor who treated Michael after his collapse at the HBO "One Night Only" rehearsals. (The original article, published ~2 weeks after Michael's death, is not online anymore, but still can be found...
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    Michael Jackson interviewed by fans in 1995

    Today 25 years ago, Michael Jackson did the internet before most people knew what the internet was. :cool: On the evening of August 17th 1995, Michael joined a "Simulchat" that would take questions from fans all around the world submitted via internet services Compuserve, America Online and...
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    Geraldine Hughes talks with the MJ Book Club (July 2020) "Geraldine Hughes, a 35-year veteran litigation legal secretary, worked for Barry Rothman, the attorney who represented the father of the boy who accused Michael Jackson of child molestation in 1993. This interview took place on July 11, 2020 with the...
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    The 9 HIStory Statues by Derek Howarth

    Love them or hate them, I've always had a fascination with those 9 huge HIStory statues by British sculptor Derek Howarth (modelled after Diana Walczak's original sculpture). Simply for the fact that it was such an epic promotional stunt to see them displayed and moved around the world. One...
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    Best cover versions of Michael Jackson songs?

    I just rediscovered this rock cover version of "Billie Jean" by the German band The Bates from 1995. Better audio quality here: There must be tons of cover versions of Michaels hits out there, but which ones are the best / your favs? I always...
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    Aphrodite Jones talks with the MJ Book Club (June 2020)

    In case this wasn't posted yet... Interesting talk with Aphrodite Jones and the MJ Book Club ladies about the 2005 trial.
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    Michael Jackson & L.A. Gear (The Detail)

    Interesting summary of the MJ & LA Gear story by The Detail: And while we're at it... Did any of you own / wear these shoes? Nice collectibles, but I always found them a little too ugly to wear...
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    TJ Jackson On Michael Jackson, Forgiving Oprah, Dating Kim Kardashian & Britney Spears
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    Michael on Motorbikes

    "Michael Jackson was a Suzuki RG500 owner! In 1988 Gary Taylor flew a Suzuki RG500 over to Italy where Michael did some concerts. They heard that he was a motorcycle fan so the RG500 was a present. Taylor said Michael needed the most exiting bike ever made!! In between the races Kevin Schwantz...
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    Michael Jacobshagen EXPOSED

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    Answering "Why did he settle in 1994?"

    Can anyone please give a short but detailed summary why this happened? It's a very important question that a lot of people have and I struggle to word an easy to understand answer to that, as the matter seems to be rather complex. To non-americans you have to explain how american court cases...
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    Washington Examiner article: "I don’t believe Michael Jackson’s accusers in Leaving Neverland"

    Not sure, if it's been shared here yet. Very good article in the Washington Examiner: I don&#8217;t believe Michael Jackson&#8217;s accusers in &#8216;Leaving Neverland&#8217; by Eddie Scarry | March 04, 2019 05:45 PM <style type="text/css"> p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px...
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    Brett Barnes to sue HBO over Leaving Neverland

    https://www.***********/brett-barnes-to-sue-hbo-over-leaving-neverland/ Also reported here: edit... why is m j v i b e . c o m getting...
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    Michael Jackson HIStory statue Berlin 1995 (amateur video)

    25th July 1995, about a month after Michael Jackson's HIStory album was released in Germany, I took a trip to Berlin to see the big statue on top of the Saturn music market at the Alexanderplatz. During that day I recorded a ton of shaky footage with a chunky 8 mm video camera. 24 years later...
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    Man Parrish - meets MJ & remixes 'Speed Demon' in the 80s

    Anyone familiar with 1980s Electro-Hiphop / Breakdance Music probably heard of Man Parrish before. In 1982 he gave this genre classics like "Hip Hop Be Bob" and "Boogie Down Bronx" (see below). Michael and Quincy made him remix 'Speed Demon', but unfortunately it was never released. (As the...
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    Chicago (Papercha$er Remix) - Sony Xperia Lounge bonus track

    Just heard this remix for the first time. According to the info on YouTube it's a "Sony Xperia Lounge bonus track". Were there any more remixes/bonus tracks included?
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    Dangerous - Roger Sanchez Remixes

    Since my urge to collect all official remixes started with the Dangerous album, i'm really intrigued by those unreleased ones from cancelled singles who never even made it on promo-only releases etc. Does anyone have more info on this DAT with House Remixes by Roger Sanchez...
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    "Prison Uncut" (TDCAU video)

    This is a rough cut / "Uncut" (preview?) Version of the TDCAU Prison Video. It includes some different (more drastic violent) historic scenes in the beginning and some additional audio overdub effects, like gun shot sounds in the scene where Michael pretends to shoot himself in the head with...
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    "It's 10 pm - Do you know where your children are?"

    Seems this was some type of public service announcement / call to parents that was shown on american TV in the 70s. Michael must have gotten some inspiration from this for his song. Does anyone remember this or know more about this campaign?