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    In The Closet- Dangerous Tour

    I've just found this I know it's just an interlude (was it only in France?) But i was wondering... did MJ have any plans to include In The Closet on the Dangerous tour setlist? I have always liked the Scream/TDCAU/ITC Medley but a full ITC live performance would...
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    Dangerous live in Ostend (1997)

    I have just discovered this video I had no idea MJ did this live? (well or a part of it) He doesn't even sound bad.But i do wonder why those things happened, I bet MJ wasn't very amused lol Is there another song you would have loved to hear live? I wish he did...
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    Einrichtung/Kleidung des King of Pop

    So hier ist der Thread den sich ein paar deutsche Fans gewünscht haben.Hier könnt ihr alles posten was mit MJ's Einrichtung oder seiner Bekleidung oder seiner Kunst zu tun hat. Have fun :)
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    "The Way You Make Me Feel" - A Problematic Vibe?

    So i've been talking to some fans who don't like the video because it can be seen as a contribution to 'rape culture' Personally,i have never ever interpretated the music video THAT way and i was actually surprised that there were scholars who wrote about the 'damaging imagery' in this video...
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    MJ- the innovator

    [...] "Thriller" set a new benchmark for blockbusters that changed how the music business promoted and marketed superstar releases. It also changed MTV, breaking down the cable network's racial barriers and raising the bar for video quality.
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    Which tours were live?

    Janet is obviously a great entertainer and one of the best female dancers out there. But i'm never sure about her live singing.Velvet Rope tour sounds very live to me.But then there are other tours which make me think she used pre recorded tracks. Any Janet experts here? :P
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    do you think blood on the dancefloor is underrated?

    I've read that the song got very mixed reviews.The song doesn't seem to get much love.And the album is getting pretty much ignored? I know it's an remix album and i hate remixes, but the 5 songs on the album are GREAT. My favourites are superfly sister and morphine.
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    Question regarding Billie Jean I've always assumed that with Billie Jean,MJ just recorded what was in his head,but now I've read that he talked to Daryl Hall when they sang 'We are the world' and admitted that he lifted the Bass Riff from 'No can do' and then I watched this video. I've listened...
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    Give into me

    Has MJ ever said what the song is about? I've discovered it this year (New fan) and i assumed that the song was about a man that was unhappy with his relationship because his partner didn't treat him right and now he wants to take control over it. Then i found this interpretation and now i'm...
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    what was it about MJ?

    Hey guys, I've posted here a few times before so maybe a few of you know that i'm completely new to the MJ Universe I wanted to ask the long-time fans: how was it growing up with Michael in the eighties and nineties? (i was born in 1998 so i wouldn't know) I know that MJ was veeeery...
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    confused (about latoya)

    hey Guys, i didn't know where to post this but i assume this is the right place since it has to do with the allegations against Michael, I'm a new MJ fan (since Christmas 2015).While i was doing some research on his private life (i'm still getting to know all the facts about the...