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  1. PurpleThriller

    Bad Tour in Rome,1988-the ,,vocals,,

    Why are Mike's vocals so weak and off key during this entire show?(well more like half show) He sounds like he can BARELY sing or carry a damn tune here.Heartbreak Hotel and Thriller are the peak of that.Most of the other songs don't sound(vocally) better either.It's so damn bad(NOT IN A GOOD...
  2. PurpleThriller

    So Quincy Jones isn't just a Michael Jackson hater

    So,apparently,Quincy Jones has a history of talking sh#t about great musicians. Even before he called Mike a thief and crap like that,he did this: So,according to Quincy, Michael was a thief. According to Quincy,Michael didn't have a skin disease. But also according to Jones,Prince was an...
  3. PurpleThriller

    Michaels 90s live performances are overrated

    You heard me.Yes,over the years, I started to realize that ,,Michael Jackson live,, were maybe the most overrated shows of the 1990s.His shows were always full of damn lame playback.After The Bad Tour,Michael used playback extremely much.Half of The Dangerous Concert is playback.All the songs...