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    How great does Michael sound on vinyl

    Michael on vinyl discussing I just bought my first ever record player delivered today been playing one of my favorite bands/artist vinyl's today and i'm loving it i have never owned any of Michael's music on vinyl though probably because i never had a record player i started collecting my...
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    Red Hot Chili Peppers

    Anyone out there like Red Hot Chili Peppers i like there new single it's really grew on me Dark Necessities i also like Under the Bridge Give It Away Californication By the Way Can't Stop I Could Die for You
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    When did you first become a MJ fan

    You may not know exactly i must have been about 5 i was born in 1990 in the UK i remember when the earth song came out that was all your heard i loved that song plus i remember finding the bad album in my mum and dad's cd collection so i had the bad album to listen to plus the earth song was the...
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    When you Haven't listend to MJ in a while and u put one of his songs on

    it's amazes me how ****ing great he was lol excuse the language. I know to some of use you will go i could never go a day or 2 without listening to him but i like loads of other artist to but mj is at the top and was my first music artist i liked. I have been listening to: The Lost Children...
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    Check out this video what do you think dont know if any of use have seen it on facebook yet
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    Little Prince (1974) Snake in the Grass

    I just came across this today i thought i would share it on here for people who heaven't seen it yet Michael definitely took some of this and put it into his dance routines what do you think.
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    People covering Michael Jackson Songs on talent shows

    Would do you think of that seen a many people destroy them lol but when you take on a MJ song its a big thing to take on here's 2 people i thing nailed it This boy done a great performance the thing is there is lots of people singing this now that's perfected singing this song don't get me...
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    Michael jackson thriller doll extra1/6 Truetype Action Figure Body African American

    Can anyone link me up where i can buy a 1/6 Truetype Action Figure Body African American so i can build up my mj hot toys zombie figure next to the nomral one please link me up i want to spend about £20 ($31) to £26 ($40) ideally that would be post covered if u have dearer ones to link me up but...
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    Anyone from Mexico ?

    I'm not lol reason i ask im going to cancun for 2 weeks the 6th June to the 14th june according to the weather forcast there is alot of thunder storms is anyone from around there how is the weather just now and if there is thunderstorms do they only last for like 15 mins then they clear up and...
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    A Michael Jackson Rock Album

    Who would have loved it if Michael done a full album just full of rock songs i think he would have made a great rock album as he did write some great rock songs like 'Beat it' and 'Dirty Diana'. and i heard alot of people saying alot of rock fans dont respect Michael they would have to after he...
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    Has anyone ever done it ?

    has anyone done this or are eagerly waiting a chance for you to do this. someone called annie gets hurt or there upset basically anything that you can say Annie, are you OK ? So, Annie, are you OK? Are you OK, Annie? i dont know anyone called annie but if i meet someone called annie one day i...
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    Is this figure worth real money

    its still in the box not open i noticed on ebay people were selling it for 100's of pounds which i doubt it is worth and there just being stupid and hoping some idiot buys it or am i wrong. how much is this toy worth cause if its value isent that much i cant wait to play with it lol but if its...
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    MJ live concerts

    Where can i buy or download MJ full concerts in good qauilty dosent have to be great qauilty but just a decent enough picture and sound. Live dvds i own Live and wembley 1988 Live in Bucharest This is it downloads i have Yokohama, Japan 1987 (Audio is out of sync) Osaka, Japan 1987 (picture...
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    Michael Jackson Toy Figures

    I Just bought 2 off ebay one from the black and white music video i had this figure when i was a kid but my brother and cousin destroyed it not by mistake they took it's arms head and legs off cause they thought it was funny ****s lol anyway i started looking to buy it again i looked on amazon...
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    In What Order Do You Rate MJ's Solo Albums

    Im only going to rate his Epic albums but if you like you can also include his Motown solo albums.Rate them in your own personal opnion not by record sales and there commercial success here is my order. 1. BAD Always been my favorite Michael jackson Album was the first album i ever listend to...