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    Do you listen to the posthumous albums?

    A Place Without No Name - in XScape is genius. I love it. There are some real treasures on that album.
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    The "Leaving Neverland" Rant & Support Thread [Merged]

    Re: The "Leaving Neverland" Rant & Support Thread I literally cannot believe what we are having to endure right now :cry:
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    The "Leaving Neverland" Rant & Support Thread [Merged]

    Re: The "Leaving Neverland" Rant & Support Thread I am so sad to see on other threads on this forum, fans having doubts. I know it is human nature and all of that but it pains me that this is happening, 10 years after his death. Even in death he is still hounded. Still the most talked about...
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    NEW book: Michael Jackson:: The FBI Found Nothing (Black/White version)

    Just ordered my copy. I have read both Conspiracy and Redemption, so will see what this version has to offer. I will let you know.
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    Say Goodnight to Michael

    Good night my angel. Tears flow silently, always. It will never feel real. X x x
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    Quincy Jones' New Interview

    Re: Quincy Jones new interview Bitter and twisted is how QJ sounds now. Very sad indeed. Speaking ill of someone who isn't here to defend themselves is pretty classless.
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    Forum game This is amazing. :)

    This - is actually - amazing. Love it! Thank you for sharing.
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    Forum game Do you like mj impersonators?

    I feel exactly the same. It makes me sad that this is all we have but I love the celebration feel of seeing a good tribute artist or band. I am seeing Navi and Jennifer Batten this summer purely so I can be around other fans and celebrate Michael. When I went to see Thriller Live it just felt...
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    MJJCommunity Seeking New Person/Admin To Run Things.

    I haven't been here long with this time around but I would like to say a big Thank You to you Gaz for providing us with this place, for loving Michael and for being very welcoming when I first joined. This can't have been an easy decision for you to make. Take care x x x (p.s. can't believe you...
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    What's Your Most Listened to Album?

    Re: What's your most listened to album? This is a tough one but I think ....... Dangerous. I love them all though. x
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    What do you think of guys who sing like MJ (like this one!) I think it's a must-see

    Wow never seen Jeffrey Perez before. He is amazing!
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    (Prince) Michael Joseph Jackson Jnr. Discussion/Picture Thread

    Re: Prince Jackson -thread I have just seen on Prince's Instagram that he has had some kind of mishap and is at the hospital. He showed a deep cut to his knee. Someone with better technical skills will maybe have seen it and be able to post a pic?
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    Thriller Live - Celebrates Selling 1,000,000 Tickets in West End

    Re: Thriller Live - celebrates selling 1,000,000 tickets in West End Excellent! I saw this for the second time, on Friday night and it was brilliant!
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    Hundreds dance to "Thriller" in events across Santa Barbara ...and other events around the world

    Re: Hundreds dance to "Thriller" in events across Santa Barbara ...and other events around the world I saw the Los Olivos and Neverland performances via Instagram Live. They were beautiful.
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    Did You See Michael in Concert?

    Re: Did you get to see Michael in concert? I was lucky enough to see the Bad tour when I was 10 at Wembley, London and the Dangerous Tour when I was 14 at Wembley also. They were both absolutely incredible experiences for me. I will never forget them. Never got to meet him and would so have...
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    Michael Jackson’s Halloween - New animated special coming this fall

    Aw just watched it thanks to a link on a Facebook. I loved it! Lots of fun! I thought it was well done too and great use of Michael’s music. It’s Not going to be everyone’s cup of tea, but personally, I thought it was great
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    Thriller Live West End

    Well we went last night and it was absolutely INCREDIBLE! Even better than last time I went. Such a real celebration of Michael and so lovely to be in that energy. I can’t recommend it enough guys. If you get a chance, go see it!
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    Thriller Live West End

    I am very excited. Am off to see the London West End show Thriller Live this weekend. I did see it about 4 years ago and it was fantastic. A real tribute to Michael. An MJ celebration. It makes me sad on the one hand that this is all we have left. But thrilled on the other hand that I can go...