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  1. TarinJade

    This Time Around

    I am trying something different. I am not listening to the snippet of "Don't Be Messin' Around" that was posted in Bad25. When I get the single, I will sit down and listen to it for the very first time, all the way through. I think it will be more special that way. I look forward to...
  2. TarinJade

    Where I am now.

    I haven't written in here in some time, nor have I been posting in threads that frequently. In fact, I haven't spent all that much time around these parts lately. But I am lurking in the background. I just don't feel particularly like saying anything. After the trial ended, and...
  3. TarinJade

    Recent Events

    During the weekend after jury deliberations started, I was trying to get through it without thinking about this giant...thing hanging over my head. I was over-emotional and nervous as hell. On the 7th, I worked all day and got in the car, only to turn on the radio and hear that a verdict had...
  4. TarinJade

    The end is near.

    Yesterday at work I opened a box and found that it contained pulse oximeters. :sigh: Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever be quite the same again. I don't know that the end of this trial will bring the closure that I desperately need. I'm afraid that there will always be a bit of emptiness in...
  5. TarinJade

    Pharmacological Never-Never Land

    I have no words. Other than to say, if THIS testimony wasn't the final nail in the coffin, I don't see what would be. UNBELIEVABLE.
  6. TarinJade

    I feel numb.

    When I got home from work my mom told me about the photograph that was shown in court earlier today. I'm very fortunate in that I have been away for both the times that photographs were shown. I'm upset, frustrated, and feel totally helpless about that whole situation. If I had the power...
  7. TarinJade

    Days 6 and 7

    Where do I begin? First of all, to Ms. Alvarez--this is a criminal trial, not a Hollywood audition! Focus on testifying truthfully instead of refining your instrument. I hope and pray more everyday that as more and more of these instances of obvious neglect come to light, it will secure...
  8. TarinJade

    Days 4 and 5

    I'm really tired from the past two days of court. Today was the first day that I spent being able to watch the entire day of testimonies. I felt so drained at the end of it, and it's only the beginning of Week 2. :( It makes me wonder if I will make it through the entire trial. But then I...
  9. TarinJade

    Days 2 and 3

    This defense is really grasping at straws. It's more pathetic than I thought it would be. Their tactic of attempting to shift blame to others like Alvarez and Chase is really sad and desperate. I hope that as the trial proceeds and the medical experts testify, the defense team will be even...
  10. TarinJade

    My Thoughts On Day One

    I worked from 9-4 today and saw testimony from Kenny Ortega and Paul Gongaware. Before that, however, I read that one of the pictures was shown and I listened to the audio tape of Michael from 5/10/09. I am eternally grateful that I did not happen to be watching the feed while the...
  11. TarinJade

    The day has finally come.

    On the eve of this trial, I wish for the two following things: 1). That Murray be convicted of all four counts, and that he be sentenced to the maximum- 4 yrs., and that he serve ALL FOUR YEARS. If he was truly remorseful, in my opinion, he would. It's not that long of a sentence, and...
  12. TarinJade

    ♥ Happy Birthday Michael ♥

    ~On the 29th of August, 1958 A being was born who would prove most great. Endowed with passion and the ability to sing He showed little glimpses of the boy who would be King. His childhood was lonely, with few friends of his own His constant companion, instead, a microphone...
  13. TarinJade

    Everyone is writing their own tell-all, so I will too.

    Once upon a time, a man named Michael Jackson came along and stole my heart. The end.
  14. TarinJade

    Always and Forever

    :heart: I'll never let you part, for you're always in my heart. :heart:
  15. TarinJade


    I was recently gently reminded that the term "fan" is short for "fanatic." I guess going forth I should no longer identify myself as such. That's okay. I never cared for the term anyway, for this very reason. From now on I am a "Michael Jackson supporter." Better?
  16. TarinJade

    ♥ Heaven to my ears ♥

    I've been listening heavily to Michael's Motown albums lately. I am so in love with Michael's teenage voice on Music and Me and Forever Michael. Soooooo in love. :heart: :wub: :heart:
  17. TarinJade


    I haven't consistently followed the Cascio tracks debate thread in the Controversy section, but I have been reading it more often the past couple of weeks--especially after the Soldier Boy leak. After seeing what I saw tonight, I might just have to stay away completely. There are no words...
  18. TarinJade

    I was ready for this.

    I was completely mentally and emotionally prepared for this trial to begin. And now we must wait again.
  19. TarinJade


    Michael passed almost two years ago now. In that time, there has been pain and sadness. However, in that time there has also been joy and laughter. I don't deny my feelings when they are negative, but I do not and will not let them consume me and dictate the course of my life. I...
  20. TarinJade

    I finally read "Michael Jackson Conspiracy."

    I got the book last month and read it in about two weeks. I knew the basics of what Aphrodite Jones outlined in the chapters, but I had never seen many transcripts of the testimonies. How Michael held up through five months of that utter nonsense, I'll never know. It pains me so much to...