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    Info on MJ/Janet Duet Recorded in 2004? Confirmed by Rodney Jerkins.

    Per Jerkins in this article, Janet and MJ were in LA in April 2004 to record together. Anyone have any additional detail? “Michael Jackson was expected, but he and sister Janet were recording a duet at an undisclosed...
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    Touring America

    A good question was asked here. Did Michael ever speak more in depth about why America was not toured as much in later years?
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    This is New?

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    Fanmade Album Covers

    I'm just trying to collect as many fanmade album covers as possible. I have so many unreleased songs so I want to start grouping them and making albums instead of the 40+ some songs I have randomly arranged into Thriller, Bad, Invincible etc as bonus tracks. Like this I stole and made an album...
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    *** Billie Jean - The Great Debate ***

    :bugeyed I believe the kid was indeed his son. Let's discuss.
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    Where Is This Picture From

    Because of the armbrace I assume the Dangerous Era, but I see no hair so maybe even the HIStory era. I'll leave it to the experts though.
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    Alternative "Michael" Covers

    Would love to see what the creative masters here can make?
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    Few Questions

    1. Can someone explain the process that led up to Thriller 25. I am hearing that Mj became involved in the later stages of development and things were scrapped, removed, or re imagined. Can anyone just give like a detailed little timeline? 2. Rejected songs in 2007?
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    What Effect is used On Michael's Voice

    In "This Time Around" theres a really cool vocal effect that I've only heard Michael use on this song. I really can't explain it, but it's between 1:40-2:00. After Michael says a verse part of it is repeated in the effect I'm trying to explain sorry. "Control of me" not an echo but kind of...
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    This Is It Planning?

    Look familiar?
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    Pamela Anderson

    Anyone find out what the real deal behind all that was?
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    The Evolutionary Michael Jackson

    Let's as a community in remembrance of yours, mine, and everyone's king of pop, go through his time we were lucky enough to share on Earth and look at how his music and dance evolved through time. Let's start off with Michael's very first Motown audition in 1968. Listen to the fierce emotional...
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    New Michael Website

    Found this
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    This Is It On Twitter

    Please guys. Everyone with a Twitter please Tweet #ThisIsIt. The Hip Hop Awards are a major topic right now, lets shift focus and help Michael break a first night sales record. Anything is possible.
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    Michael Has Signed With Universial (?)

    According to Last.FM Michael is signed with Universal. On that link look towards the bottom on the right hand side. Here is an email I recieved after registering. Thanks for signing up! You are now a member of the Official Michael Jackson mailing...