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  1. kissybissy

    Behind the candelabra

    What did you think? I liked the movie. Michael Douglas and Matt Damon did a great job playing Liberace and Scott Thorson.
  2. kissybissy

    Xuxa interview about Michael

    There was an interview with Xuxa last Sunday, showed in "Fantastico", a Globo network TV program. She talks about the experience of meeting Michael at Neverland...... She said..... Michael's management wanted him to get married, have children. And they were looking for someone. At that time I...
  3. kissybissy

    Tribute to Michael by Unidos da Tijuca samba school

    The Unidos da Tijuca samba school payed tribute to Michael during the famous Carnival parade in Rio de Janeiro last Monday. around 0:45 sec.
  4. kissybissy

    Pharmacist Tim Lopez, leaves the country

    Key prosecution witness in trial against Michael Jackson doctor leaves the country for Thailand By Daily Mail Reporter Last updated at 5:57 PM on 16th September 2011 Comments (4) Add to My Stories Share Accused: Michael Jackson's physician, Conrad Murray A key...
  5. kissybissy

    Hugh Jackman - Wolverine

    He's the sexiest man alive imo. And not only sexy, he's extremely charming.
  6. kissybissy

    Farrah Fawcett

    Let's not forget Farrah Fawcett who also passed away on June 25th.
  7. kissybissy


    Is anyone having problems loading youtube videos? They simply do not load for me, either using IE or Firefox. However, if the video is embedded on a different website (like here, for example) it loads well.
  8. kissybissy

    Font help

    Does anyone know this font. I've been trying to find this font, but not knowing the name it's almost impossible to find. I'm making a work and need this font.