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  1. tbron

    I'm about to go to college for the first time.

    Wish me luck.
  2. tbron

    What is mj's best first single

    I put some old and hits albums in there too. You can pick more than one and forgive me if i got something wrong.
  3. tbron

    MJ tats everywhere
  4. tbron

    Long live the king

    The King of Pop's Number Ones will fittingly lead the pack at No. 1 with 108,000 (an increase of 2,340%) while The Essential Michael Jackson and Thriller are in the Nos. 2 and 3 slots with 102,000 and 101,000, respectively. Additionally, his classic 1979 studio set Off the Wall re-enters at No...
  5. tbron

    please help me find a song.

    i'm looking for an original remix of they don't care about us. not that fan made youtube stuff. it was a hip hop type of remix that featured a rapper and it came out in 1995 or 96. i think it might have been on the single as a extra song.
  6. tbron

    Beat it jacket vs thriller jacket
  7. tbron

    it's snowing in baton rouge

    i live in baton rouge, Louisiana and snow is very rare here. but it's everywhere now there's 6 inches of it. i'm going to go look at it some more. i'll post more latter.
  8. tbron

    how many of you are the only child in your family

    i am and it sucks.
  9. tbron

    let's play rate that artist

    Here's how it works someone gives the name of an artist then you rate them as bad, okay good or great. Then after that person rates them they give the name of another artist. Here's an example if someone put mj's name. mj great Then i would give another name. Let's play now. mariah carey
  10. tbron

    who are your top ten singers of all time

    i will reveal my list later.
  11. tbron

    What is MJ's Best Song with Another Artist?

    no jacksons stuff
  12. tbron

    what is mj's best rock song

    you can pick more than one.
  13. tbron

    What is mj's best closer

    the last song on each album.
  14. tbron

    What Is Mj's Most Inspirational Song

    Some Of The Songs I Chose Might Seam Strange.
  15. tbron

    What Is Mj's Best Opening Song From Each Album

    Dstyge Wbss Bad Jam Scream Unbreakable