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  1. Catherine..

    Listen to Janet call up her fans! :rofl:
  2. Catherine..

    Janets new tour is The "Rock With U" Tour

    She uploaded a video on JD's account, telling fans to call and tell her what songs to perform, and the anwser machine said 'Rock With U' Tour, so thats the official title it seems. But since then they have taken the video off, and it should be confirmed on Ellen tomorrow.
  3. Catherine..

    Is this where Give in to me comes from?

    Someone posted it on youtube and said that Give in to me was stolen from this Blackmoon218 (18 hours ago) Show Hide -1 Marked as spam Reply | Spam This opening riff AND the vocal pattern is ripped off from Suicidal Tendencies - How will I Laugh...
  4. Catherine..


    Do you believe?
  5. Catherine..

    Do you use I think Michael needs more than 11 million plays, so if you MJ fanatics havent got download it. Post your charts!
  6. Catherine..

    A body has been found, they believe it IS that of childrens tv host Mark Speight

    TV host Mark Speight 'found dead' Clips of presenter Mark Speight on TV The body of a man, believed to be missing TV presenter Mark Speight, has been found in a remote area of London's Paddington station, police have said. Officers are treating the death as "unexplained" but have...
  7. Catherine..

    Janet in Japan!
  8. Catherine..

    Thriller is not just about Zombies

    This song is not just about zombies. Michael is saying he will save the girl and could thrill her more than any ghoul would ever dare try, as in thrill her lovingly, making her feel the adrenaline that a ghost/zombie chasing you would give. Thanks
  9. Catherine..

    Beyonce (and Jay-z getting married right now?) How romantic :wub::wub::wub::wub:^_^^_^^_^^_^:puke: doesn't it make you sick?:lol::wub::wub::wub:
  10. Catherine..

    One (or two) hit wonders

    Post artists/bands/groups or one hit wonders who just disappeared into thin air, or had one hit then vanished. Summer Girls by LFO Jordan Knight Give it to You
  11. Catherine..

    What Jackson other than Janet and Michael would you like to hear more music from

    I love Rebbies voice, and all of her songs.
  12. Catherine..

    When did Janet become an Icon

    I would say this is a significant moment in Janets career. Janet solo dancing, singing... its legendary! ^_^:wub:^_^:wub:^_^:wub:^_^:wub:
  13. Catherine..

    Have you met any of The Jacksons?

    Post pics and stories... yay;)
  14. Catherine..

    The Jacksons/Jackson 5 days

    Courtesy of Steady-Laughing. One of my favourite sites of all time:lol:
  15. Catherine..

    Mariahs new album cover

  16. Catherine..

    Red Hot Chili Peppers

    Do you like them?^_^
  17. Catherine..

    Rebbie Jackson (rare performance from 1998) I love Rebbie's voice so much, I only have a few of her songs on my pc, but I love them all.
  18. Catherine..

    Janet and other stars in new campaign fpr homophobia and discrimination None of us are safe until all of us are safe
  19. Catherine..

    Did you guys just see the Michael segment on GMTV

    I caught the ending of it, and apparently they spoke to Michaels laywer... he was some grey haired man (sorry i dont know who he is), he said Randy (michaels brother) will be the one to 'pull through' it was all about neverland... they mentioned janet too