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    Grace Rwaramba :( :(
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    Official Celebrity Statements Thread

    There's going to be several, so we should all just post them here. I'll try and include all the sources. :(,,20287803,00.html
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    Wade Robson on star search

    How could you not love this? LOL. I saw clips of this on an old 2001 'Fake ID Club' MTV special, it was nice to see it in its entirety. He even has the jheri curl!! LOL.
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    Who was this?

    I don't remember who it was when I saved it, anybody have an idea/recognize the photo?
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    Dance thread - post your favorite dancing compilations!

    I hope no one beat me to it and made a similar thread like this one. Anyway, here are some outstanding clips of Michael dancing. For all those who want to post, please no music videos!! Only live concerts. These two these two videos were hands down the best clips ever made, and YT took them...
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    Lee Thomas supports Michael!

    Part 1 Part 2 I am so happy about this.