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  1. sheridan09

    MJ Connections (A Michael Jackson Fan Network) - on Facebook!

    I found this group earlier today and joined - great idea - thank you so much for starting it!
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    Member Support thread - come on in.

    I haven't visited MJJC for some time, but as I did not make the trip to L.A. this year, it seemed like the only natural place to be at this moment in time. BIG HUGS to all my fellow MJJC members - I really don't know how I would've gotten through this last year if I had not met so many...
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    Sammy Sosa (baseballer) has vitiligo? Media talking crap about him already!

    Living with someone like that must be extremely difficult. I find it hard enough even acting civil towards people who say such ignorant stuff. I feel badly for you. :(
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    Honey, please hang in there!!! It gets very hard to stay strong at times, I know, but we are...

    Honey, please hang in there!!! It gets very hard to stay strong at times, I know, but we are one big family here and we all need each other. I'm here if you want to talk in further detail. Also I can be reached on my Facebook account; my quick name is LibertyAndJustice4All. Sending many big...
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    I posted in that thread and was so sad when her brother asked for it to be closed, because I assumed that meant that she was gone. :( To have it confirmed, and to hear that she was only 17 years old, is truly heartbreaking. If you do hear back from him, Stephen, do let him know that we are all...
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    I read your sweet poem and hope you are holding up OK. I can relate to your feelings, as I'm...

    I read your sweet poem and hope you are holding up OK. I can relate to your feelings, as I'm sure all of us here can. Know you're not alone. Feel free to send me a message if you want to talk.
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    Any National Basketball Association fans here?

    I am a BIG TIME NBA fan!! Honestly, I am more a fan of the game and of individual players than any specific team - however, for nostalgic reasons, I generally favor the Bulls (I'm from Chicago) and the Pistons (loved the Bad Boys - yeah, I know I shouldn't, being from Chicago ... but somehow it...
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    SAW VI Thread (Updated Yet Again)

    Been meaning to ask you guys this. Anyone belong to the Saw forum on I have thought about joining, but still haven't. If you're on there, I'd be curious to hear how you like it and whether the people are friendly, etc. If not, no biggie since we seem to have our own...
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    Small Cans or Bottles of Ginger Ale

    If you go with this idea, just be careful your purse doesn't shake around too much. Otherwise the ginger ale will lose carbonation because its original container will have been opened. And pop that has lost its carbonation won't help for nausea - in fact, in my experience, it can make it worse!
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    MJ Fans on Social Media

    Re: Do You Tweet (Twitter)? I'm not on there nearly as much as I am on Facebook, but do find myself on Twitter gradually more and more - would love to connect with more MJJC folks on there too. My Twitter username is Kir_D. If you add me I'll be sure to follow you back. ;)
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    Atheist thread

    Re: Athesit Thread version 2 (sorry K.O.S.:p). I feel the same way as you!
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    THIS IS IT Movie Dinner with Joe Jackson, $3000

    Sadly, I have to agree. Hearing stuff like this is frustrating - but not all that surprising. :(
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    I hate my generation (vent).

    I thoroughly enjoyed being a teenager in the '80's and consider myself lucky to have had that experience, but just because your friends don't appreciate the music from then doesn't mean you can't or shouldn't enjoy it! Also, I've come across a decent number of younger people on this forum and...
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    Happy birthday! I've got the big 4-0 coming up next year myself.

    Happy birthday! I've got the big 4-0 coming up next year myself.
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    Small Cans or Bottles of Ginger Ale

    I'm a big ginger ale lover too - not only because I also have chronic nausea issues, but I love the taste! I know some stores sell those cans that are half the size of a normal can. I can't remember if I ever saw this size with ginger ale, but definitely have seen Sprite, if that works for...
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    The 'Have you got tickets?/When are you going?' thread!

    I'm going on the 28th at 7:45 p.m. CST with my mom! I may be out in L.A. the following week visiting my sis and if so I am going to try to go a second time with her.
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    Michael's Manhood Thread - 18+ (Read The First Post For Rules!)

    Re: Michael's Manhood - "X" Rated Content - Explicit pictures are NOT allowed I just saw that pic somewhere on the Dot Portrait site but I think they made the group private now and I don't belong so I couldn't pull it for you. Sorry! But your signature ain't too bad to look at! :)
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    SAW VI Thread (Updated Yet Again)

    Yay for fellow Saw fans on MJJC :D These are some of my favorite movies ever made. I can't wait for VI and am soooo happy to hear that this will not be the last one. Before I went to see V, I had heard that *that* was going to be the last one and I remember having mixed feelings about going...
  19. sheridan09

    Anyone else not excited, rather sad about This Is It movie?

    I am going to the movie for sure, but I must say that I'm not really "excited" about it in the traditional sense of the word because I'm probably not going to feel upbeat while watching it. To the contrary, I fully expect to be bawling like a baby. So yeah, I am more sad than happy about the...
  20. sheridan09

    Dont Use The Past Tense

    I am with you guys 100%. I fully believe his spirit is very much alive so in most instances I see no need to use the past tense, and I usually don't.