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  1. pg13

    Spanish Translation Discussion

    MUchas gracias por traducir Gisella :heart: And thanks to MjjC for orhanizing this :D
  2. pg13

    REQ: Photo mosaic of Michael on high resolution, pliz!

    Hey guys! Does someone has this pic on high resolution. Finally I have my own flat and I want to have a big poster on my livingroom :heart::angel: If you dont have it do you know where can I buy it? Thank you so much!!:cheers:
  3. pg13

    What do you and Michael have in common? Really???

    Hey guys :D ! I know that for lots of us Michael was a soul mate :heart: and we feel he is our brother, father, dream man :wub: or best friend. But I was thinking in all the things I really really have in common with Michael :clapping:!!!! And I thought it will be nice for all of us to do...
  4. pg13

    Horrible Soneto about Michael from Spanish "musician" Joaquín Sabina!!!

    Hello guys! I write you cause I came across the most horrible "soneto" about Michael. Is from a famos spanish singer and writer called Joaquin Sabina. The soneto is called "Sonetos para Ja**" and it was publish in a very famos magazine in Spain last year. I just found out about it :no:. Latin...
  5. pg13

    How many songs does Michael have?

    Hey guys! Yestarday I was in a Michael Jackson party here in Barcelona with a lot of fans and this guy I was with who likes Michael but is not a fan ask me: How many songs does Michael Jackson have? :mello::scratch: Is a tricky hard questions since you can count: All his songs since Jackson 5...
  6. pg13

    Barcelona gets the guinness worls record for thriller dance!!!

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! BARCELONA DID IT!!! I know Mexico's was bigger but for some reasson Guinnes World Records give this honor to us! :party: :dance: :punk::clapping::wild::cheers: Here are some vids and links :) PRESS...
  7. pg13

    Plase, plase!!! Michael's autograph

    Hey guys!!! A friend of mine is making T-shirts for us girls when we go to watch TII togueter. She needs Mike's autograph on white with black background, like the one in this page main header :D If you have it on good quiality would be great!! :clapping: Thanks you all!!! :cheers:
  8. pg13

    Michael and movies / Filmography, curiosities, homages and more!!!

    Hey Guys! I writte for a magazine in Barcelona, Spain and this month I wrote a pice on MJ and movies. Is a small resume of his film carrer, short films, his friends in movie business and movie scenes with MJ magic on them. Is in spanish and english and is on page 56 on this link...
  9. pg13

    Guides label our camels either Michael Jacksons (highly strung) or Bob Marleys (laid-back)

    I know this maybe silly, but I got an EasyJet plain this month and while reading the magazine I read this: "I am in Dahab on the Gulf of Aqaba, which stretches north from the Red Sea in Egypt and I'm about...
  10. pg13

    Help to find locations related to MJ in London!

    Hey guys!!! I live in Barcelona and I am going to London in a week, because my concert was the 23th of september :( I going to meet another member of MJJ Community there (Hey Jackie!!!) who also does not live in London. We were wondering if anyone knows if there are places Michael was during...
  11. pg13

    Barcelona Tribute to MJ: 700 people dancing Thriller!

    Hey! Here in Barcelona we tried to break the world record of people dancing Thriller at the same time as in México. Offcourse they won (20 million in that city :P) and we are very happy for them!! *I am mexican so is a win win situation for me :)* But here in Barcelona was a great event too...