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  1. cryingangel

    Japan sure loves Michael (SMAP)

    Remember when Michael went to Japan in 2006 and appeared on that show, SMAPxSMAP ? The guys were so cute, all shocked, in awe to have Michael Jackson before their eyes. Well, it seems they had a special edition recently, in his memory. They broadcast his appearance once more :) And the...
  2. cryingangel

    Leave a memory on ...

    Hope this hasn't been posted yet. Fans can leave memories on . More than 100,000 so far... This is what I wrote: "A memory with Michael Jackson? How about thousands of them... The memory of him teaching me to stand up for myself...the memory of him teaching me to...
  3. cryingangel

    Happy birthday, Chaos!!!!!!!!!!!

    Being officially the 23rd over here, I want to wish Chaos the happiest birthday he's had so far!!! :D :clap: :sarmoti :jump: :tease: Dude, you know you're my favourite around here and I hope we continue to chat for as long as possible! :D Be a good boy this year: study hard, play with your...
  4. cryingangel

    Top 15 most famous deaths

    Some people are famous during their life and are forgotten after they die. Others become famous just after they die, and precisely because of the stupid way in which they have died. There are also rare cases of public figures who even after death can’t “refrain” from drawing attention.
  5. cryingangel

    Thousands killed in China by powerful earthquake

    I really don't understand how no one posted this earlier :huh: I thought I'd find a long thread here by now... Thousands killed in China by powerful earthquake A collapsed school building in Chongqing municipality on Monday following the earthquake. (Reuters) BEIJING: A powerful...
  6. cryingangel

    T25 day @ EuropeFM - Romania :D

    Okay, I just had to post this ^_^ So, the biggest radio station, with the highest ratings in Romania, is having a Michael Jackson day today :D They've always been very supportive and respectful when it came to Michael, but I didn't expect a T25 day :sarmoti Moreover, they put up a new site...