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  1. Dri

    Scans | Katherine Jackson Full Interview to Hello! Magazine

    *PLEASE.... To enlarge copy the URL and paste in the address bar. Thank you.*
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    Michael’s Lookout – Santa Marta Favela, Rio de Janeiro

    Thanks @nayla (MJJUltimate) Here is another article from Kerry Hennigan which she wrote towards the end of last year regarding Santa Marta and where ‘’They Don’’t Care About Us’’ was filmed. It’’s a concrete platform with tubular railing...
  3. Dri

    Bal à Versailles:MJ's favorite perfume.(By Karen Faye)

    from Karen's facebook: **removed @ request of Karen Fake** Joop: BAL A VERSAILLES: Obsession by Calvin Klein: Black Orchid:
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    Thriller 25 is the number one on Billboard!

    Michael Jackson is constantly surprised with their selling disc! :D Thriller 25th was in 41 # and jumps to 1st place in "Top Pop Catalog" Billboard's make sure with the disc of platinum by 10 million copies, followed by Number Ones which is at 13 #. :clapping: :clapping...
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    Jermaine talk about his brother,Michael Jackson.

    November 02, 2008 12:00am JERMAINE Jackson says his superstar brother, Michael, is a strict parent - like their controversial father, Joseph. "Michael is not one of those fathers that lets them do what they want and give(s) them everything they want," Jackson said. "He is raising them the...
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    MJ's Style:Michael Bush or Roberto Cavalli?

    Michael Bush has always been the famous and brilliant clothes for Michael Jackson. But do you think that Michael Jackson should continue with this style of clothes or should change? In 2007 I heard that Roberto Cavalli would be the new MJ's stylist.What do you think? Michael Bush or Roberto...
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    Spanish Forum: MJ sends message to fans.

    In the Spanish forum(MJHideout) was posted taht MJ delivered a message to a fan, in his hands, that is part of a forum for MJ. There is no link.Not was posted the forum name.If is true we will find out!!! dare_me translate the message for us.Thanks,dare_me!!! :)...
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    Pics of MJ's b-day in Las Vegas?

    These pics are of the MJ's birthday in Las Vegas.I didn't know the source of such pics. I caught in a Brazilian forum... Tatiana and MJ's impersonator. Tatiana and Joe Jackson.
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    Michael Jackson fans rewarded for long wait!

    Aug. 31, 2008 MICHAEL JACKSON FANS REWARDED FOR LONG WAIT Some Michael Jackson fans from Europe were rewarded for a long wait last week. When Jackson arrived home Wednesday, after dinner with his three children at Planet Hollywood restaurant at Caesars Palace, he had the driver stop...
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    Tracklisting "King Of Pop - Brazilian Collection"

    The songs that will be in the "The King of Pop Brazilian Collection" and will be released by Sony / BMG are: 1. Billie Jean 2. Beat It 3. Black Or White 4. Thriller 5. Bad 6. The Way You Make Me Feel 7. Say Say Say feat. Paul McCartney 8. Human Nature 9. Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough...
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    Michael Jackson and the astrology.

    Hi,guys! I like of astrology and found this site with the astral map of Michael. For those who like it's very interesting ...Ckeck out!
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    "Poppin Taco taught Michael Jackson's dance"?

    I was reading the comments on the site of MTV on the Ne-Yo tribute to Michael and one person says: "birdsbasics (06.26.08 | 3:22 PM) Haha first off, you're invalid and I probably shouldn't even be addressing you back because I'm going to venture out to say you aren't a true hip-hop dancer...
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    What happened to MJ's security Wayne Nagin?

    I wonder what happened to the former security of Michael Jackson, Wayne Nagin. I liked him...Thank you!
  14. Dri

    Pic's of MJ and his Smart!

    I would like to see more pics of Michael with his little Smart! :) Please,share for us!Thank you!